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When Plebs Fly (War Thunder Review!)

War Thunder on Bananatic is quite a good game especially considering its price, free. It allows for fun battling with either tanks or planes depending on your preference, maybe both. It is easy to use and has a rather good blend of realism while keeping it looking cool enough for a game. It stops you from spinning out of control without losing your lunch and control of your plane for example. This allows for people to have to think carefully about how they attack as a more agile plane can turn a plane tailing them into a free kill with some clever manoeuvring. The battles are big enough so you aren't constantly being attack or having team mates steal kills but enough so that you aren't left waiting to get close enough to another target. The two types of battles are realistic and arcade with one being more challenging and for more skilled players or arcade which is good for fun and making yourself look cool (Even if you steal someone's kill while doing it)
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The game gives you a range of planes to choose from such as bombers, fighters, torpedo bombers, fighters which can be bombers, errr... bombers which can be fighters... In reality there are lots of different planes which fit alot of different roles and change the way you play. The progression in the game is quite good in that it does not take forever to unlock a new plane or tank while still making you work for it. Things such new parts or weapons for your plane or tank can be unlocked allowing you to pilot your vehicle with it being the best it can be! If working for the reward ingame isn't your style then you can always do so in real life and spend some hard earned money on the game to help speed things up a bit. Also you help the developers do developy things so you can feel good about yourself.
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The game also rewards team work allowing for bonuses when you cooperate and medals for out performing all the other teams meaning that it is a good thing to get your friends into this and think up some tactics past "Shoot it at the same time so we kill it quicker". The game can have a lot of different tactics form as there are more planes and tanks than the ones above. The game allows you to play as many different as many World War 2 vehicles from countries beyond just Britain (Although why would you bother?) Such as American vehicles, German vehicles and others, including Russian (Bias strong but British engineering stronger) The game has a lot of play time in it as you unlock more and more vehicles from all countries and try out different strategies and you adapt to the new weaknesses and strengths. From good game play to cheeky facts during loading this game has a lot of stuff to do and is definitely worth a look with the main reason being it's free! People say the best thing's in life aren't free but this is still quite good.
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