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Xhunter other Anime MMORPG

The saga from the anime series HunterxHunter is very famous for many years and Xhunter is a game based on the world of HunterxHunter, this game has different modalities including main missions and side missions.

Xhunter has a great soundtrack for battles and cities, in addition, xHunter also has the possibility to play in PVE and PVP mode besides having different tournaments in which we can participate.

Each character has a specific type of skills, attack, support, defense, ranged attack, magic.

Xhunter is completely done with effects in 3D that is a very impressive detail since this game works with Adobe Flash and to be able to play a game that has this style of effects is something very impressive and also the skills in the battles are realized with 3D effects

This game has available different servers in which we can play.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The only problem I see in this game is that the automatic battle system can not be deactivated so we can not select at what time to use the skills from each character in our team and this can become a big problem because we can not Control our characters in battle we will not be able to choose which strategy to use

In Xhunter at first, we will be the protagonist of the series HunterxHunter and little by little we will be able to be recruiting different characters that appear in the series so that they join our team.

To recruit the different characters that exist we will have to use different types of gems are blue or purple, some characters that are more difficult to get, only we can recruit them with purple gems and you can only find them through a mini game that every 10 Minutes we can receive blue or purple gems.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In xhunter we can customize the weapons or objects that will have each of the characters that are on our team, at the end of each main battle we can get a chest with different objects and this is very useful because it helps us to gain more experience to our characters And level up more easily, since when recruiting a new character for our team, we will get it at level 1 and if we equip it with this object we can raise several levels, so if we are at level 20 and we get a level 1 characters we can level up this character quickly to level 20 to be at the same level as the other characters.

Personally, I think Xhunter is a great game and I have fun for many hours, it has good effects, good soundtrack and there is no need to install anything on your computer to play it besides this game is also available to play on our cell phones and That's a very good detail.
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