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Best Military games

Best Military games

Military games are better known as war games and offer a tactical approach to the genre of battle games. These games are usually simulations and are often used by soldiers to keep in shape mentally. These games challenge a player’s strategy, as well as their battle skills. Quick wit and planning are required while playing a military game.

While most shooting and battle games are classified as military games, it is important that the player be careful in choosing a game that will be worth their time. Most military games feature aspects of strategy games as well as action games, to test the player both physically and mentally. The better the tactics of the player, the better the gameplay.

War Thunder is an MMO flight simulation that allows players to take control of fighter planes and engage in battles against their enemies in the sky. The game featured on Bananatic has intense battles, with hordes of AI fighter planes dogging the player and the outcome of the battle resting on the shoulders of the players.

Another military game that fulfils expectations is World of Tanks. The game is a simulation of World War 2 tank battles and gives players control over their player and team. This game can be played against other players as well as AI platoons, and offers a realistic version of the battlefield.

If you’ve ever wanted to take the wheel of some of the most beefy machines in the world, including high-powered artillery, combat vehicles and battle tanks, Armored Warfare is just for you. The game grants you the challenge to take on thousands of players across the globe and is built on CryEngine technology that gives it a highly-vivid appearance, providing the sensation of fighting on a genuine battlefield.