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MMORPG are the new RP games: updated role-playing games that include the opportunity to interact with other players as you play. The basic idea behind the concept of MMORPGs is simple: anyone can be anything, even if it is for a limited time span only. However, to improve the gaming experience and to include the possibility of finding team members and opponents to play the levels with, MMOPRGs are facilitated with the option of interacting with the other players connected to the game universe.

MMOs are huge within the gaming world, spamming multiple other genres ranging from fantasy sci-fi games to card games and puzzles. The world of MMOs is vast and spans several universes, but the basic format remains the same. The player assumes the role of a character within the game and takes on the personality and abilities of that character for the duration of that game to play missions with other players.

One of the best new world MMORPGs on Bananatic is League of Angels. The game allows players to take on the role of commander of armies supported by one’s own special guardian angel. Hours of gameplay, featuring intricate levels and detailed stories about the characters, League of Angels is a must play for all MMORPG lovers

Another game that makes it to the best MMORPG list is Star Wars The Old Republic. This Star Wars universe game features the power to create your own Star Wars character based on one of the attractive classes, before embarking on adventures together that have never been dreamed of before.