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Free simulation games

Free simulation games

For those gamers who prefer their games to take on a real-world quality, simulation games are the way to go. Simulations are a diverse category within the gaming genre and are designed to replicate real life scenarios within the virtual world. So if you are one for real-life experiences while you games, simulations are the genre to choose.

Simulations attempt to encompass training and prediction within the gameplay.  Most simulations are strategy based games: focusing on the player’s observation, perception and planning skills. These games are often used as case studies and learning exercises, in particular by the military and combat forces. The players are placed in positions where they have to act out real life scenarios- usually in first person view- to advance within the game.

If a player wants to play a simulation for free, all they need to do is access the internet. Free simulation games are available in every genre available and players can choose and play any game they want for free.

The easiest access one can have a large variety of Simulation games is through gaming website portals. Websites such as Bananatic carry an assortment of free simulation which can be availed by the player for no registration fee. Most of these gaming websites don’t even require an account: simply select your game and play.

Games such as Rail Nation, Big Farm and the MMO Star Conflict can be downloaded directly onto smart devices, to be played directly without the need for an internet connection.