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Premium Currency

Premium Currency



Premium currency is the concept of gaining monetary benefit when the exchange rate between two currencies is at an advantage in one currency. Within the gaming world, this exchange occurs between different currencies within a certain game or between two different games.


Modern day games, especially MMOs and MMORPGs, offer a well thought out currency system that allows players to gain money and use it to their advantage whenever they please. Within these currency, systems exist multiple levels, with some aspects of the system held at a higher value as compared to others. For example, within certain games, jewels have a higher value as compared to ordinary coins. These higher currencies are often coveted within the game and can be either traded off or exchanged in the game shops for lower level currencies.


Certain games team up with one another to allow money transfer between the two portals. If a player is performing well in one game but requires help in the other, they can transfer their funds from one game to the other. However, the exchange rate will apply upon transfer. There exist various games that also allow the option of transferring money and currency between players.  For those games that offer the option of real world exchange, the money will be converted into the amount calculated as per the value of money based on the real world exchange rate.


Bananas are the online currency at Bananatic, a website portal to a host of online games where players can win real world currency on the site, along with prizes like vouchers, game ‘skins’ and game cards. Considering a lot of the games they feature are free-to-play, this means that their visitors can earn rewards simply by playing games to certain levels or through the completion of quests, controlled by Bananatic. By converting some in-game currency into bananas, users are being encouraged to play the game for longer thanks to Bananatic.