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Riot Points free

Developed and published by Riot Games, League of Legends is a multiplayer 3D combat game that features multiple battle scenarios. The game is played in third person view and can be downloaded and played on any PC installed with Windows or MacOS. With a worldwide fan following, the game holds multiple tournaments throughout the world to cater to the players.

The goal of the game is simple: the players must defeat the opposing team and destroy the main building, or nexus, of the other team's' base to win. While doing so, players must overcome some obstacles and earn riot points or buy them online, to purchase in-game facilities.

Rp can be earned by taking part in challenges and battles as well as engaging with other players. However if the player is unable to earn enough points during gameplay, they can always buy rp online or at any local gaming store. The rp cards are available at considerate prices ranging from 10 to 100 dollars at gaming stores. However, for better deals and quick, affordable access, players can buy their rp cards online. Using a credit card or PayPal transactions, the players can access rp cards starting from a lower price range. Contrary to popular belief, buying rp online costs the player less. If a bundle of rp is purchased, the player is awarded bonus points. Different online stores and paying methods yield different results. If you carry out the transaction on your phone, you will get fewer bonus points compared to the amount you get while using PayPal. Thus it is more feasible for players to buy rp online. There are ways you can earn RP on other sites, more indirectly. Bananatic, for example is a site featuring a large array of free-to-play games where registered players can earn bananas, the site coinage. If enough tasks or game quests have been completed, and enough bananas saved, users can then exchange them for RP. They can then head off into League of Legends from Bananatic, having earned their RP instead of buying it (unless of course they purchased their bananas too before swapping them).