How does it work?

RP cost

League of Legends is a multiplayer online Battle Arena game that was published by Riot Games in 2009. The game allows players to view the game in a third-person perspective. Available for gameplay on Pc use for Windows and MacOS, Lol is a 3D combat game that engages thousands of people around the world simultaneously.

The goal of the game is to defeat the other teams by destroying the nexus of their base. The players take on an unseen role of the summoner and control champions that fight battles for rp and xP. Rp are riot points, and in-game currency made available to the players for in-app purchases.  Rp can be earned throughout the game by fighting battles and taking part in missions and challenges.

However, if the player requires the points urgently, rp can be bought online or from megastores around the world. Rp cost is fixed, with $10, 50, 25 and 100 cards being sold. The rp cost that conforms to these cards ranges from 1380 points to 1500 points. The Rps are then transferred from the cards to the game respective to the exchange rate. If the cards are brought online, the rp cost diminishes as a larger variety of cards are available to the players at a lower price.

Once the player has purchased enough RP, they can use them to purchase in-game features and unlock new abilities and skills.

Another method that players can take to effectively earn RP is by going to Bananatic and play other games, from mini-games to the well-known MMOs. If they complete quests they win free bananas. Bananas are the site currency at Bananatic, and with enough gained can be exchanged for RP for the next, more powerful battle in League of Legends.