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The best free fps games

The best free fps games

FPS, or first person shooter games, are some of the best shooting games that exist within the action genre. The games allow the player to view the game in first person view and features all the excitement and adrenaline one gets in an action game. FPS games are very interactive and allow players to immerse themselves in the storyline of the game. Shooter games feature ammunition, often rifles or long range guns that can easily take out enemies at a distance. Most FPS games are multiplayer games that allow players to interact with other players while playing.

FPS games rely heavily on the player's speed and reaction time: snooze and you die. Thus, when searching for a good FPS to play, the player needs to keep the speed of the game and the game interaction level in regard. The greater the interaction, the better the experience and the faster the gameplay.

Team Fortress 2 is one of the best shooting games that exists within the gaming world. The game boasts beautiful graphics and an immersive storyline and consists of a well-ordered class system. The game has several modes that are quite straightforward in their nature. Appealing to pros and amateurs, the game is highly competitive.

Planetside 2 is another first person shooter that meets the standards of a good FPS game. With battles that span across planets and a diverse gameplay experience, the game has a unique design every time it is played. No two battles are quite the same in their design, and the players are fully involved in the story.