How does it work?

How to get wargaming free gold

World of Tanks is a free to play MMOG that allows players to interact and battle with other players for free. The game was developed and published by Wargaming in 2010 and has since then become available around the world. The game was released initially for Pc use only but has since then become available for console users as well. Although users can create free accounts, there exist certain features within the game that can be accessed by premium account holders only, which can be bought using real currency.


The game is set in the 20th century, with the players in control of war vehicles that are customizable according to the player's choice. The vehicles are updated and upgraded as the game progresses and can be changed as the player obtains new vehicles. Players take part in battles on random arenas against other players in various missions and challenges to earn game points and Wargaming free gold.


The gold can either be earned within the game or can be purchased from the game shop. To attain Wargaming free gold, the players can take part in some activities, big or small. Gold is awarded for activities such as changing a password to winning a tournament. Players can also activate gold codes when available and play challenges to gain amounts of Wargaming free gold.

When the player has access to this currency, they can buy a premium account and equipment from the in-game gold, start a new clan, purchase game points and attain several features that are not available in the game.