How does it work?

wargaming gold

Developed and published by Wargaming, WOT is a combat 3D game that was released by Wargaming in 2010. The game gained mass popularity after its release and is now available across the world. World of Tanks is a free to play the game. However, some features within the game can only be accessed via purchase. Various modems are employed by the makers to make the game easily available to everyone and hence,are available to users on Pcs as well as consoles.



The game allows the player to gain control of a gaming vehicle and battle other players alone as well as in teams. The vehicles are customizable and can be upgraded and updated during gameplay as well. The player can become part of a clan or take on another player solo to gain game points and gold.


Wargaming gold, also known as wot gold, can be accessed as a free asset or purchased in times of need from the game shops online. The gold can be earned by taking part in challenges and tournaments as well as defeating other players in missions, or it can be bought as an offered package in the game shop.


Once the player has their desired amount of Wargaming gold, they can use it to purchase updates, unlock customization features and create clans or premium accounts that will grant access to special facilities.


This is similar to the site currency of Bananatic, which also lets users turn their bananas into WoT gold. Firstly a visitor must register at the site and win bananas by doing things like downloading apps and playing lots of games. If they complete game quests in these games, including Wargaming titles like World of Tanks, precious bananas can be won and then exchanged into WoT gold at Bananatic. This allows another avenue to attain a currency that enhances the gameplay of Wargaming titles.