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world of warships gold

World of Warships is a naval action themed MMORPG that was developed and published by Wargaming in 2015. The game is similar in many aspects to World of Tanks and has a multiplayer, player vs. player mode. The game was made available across the world and can be played on Windows Platforms alone.


Set in a real world scenario, the player takes control of one of four types of warships and assumes a position within the Navy of one of ten major nations. Players can research and gain experience within the game that unlocks new modules and allows the player to progress through the game. The game offers player vs. player battles, as well as fights against AI graphics and team wars. Players can then obtain gold during the game to diversify their gaming experience.


World of Warships gold is hard to come by for free. Like other Wargaming publications, the game offers some opportunities to earn it for free. Players can take part in clan wars to gain the other team's gold, as well as partake in missions and challenges. Certain tournaments are held which allow the players access to gold. Another way to obtain World of warships gold is to purchase it online from the game stores. Also, bananas can be exchanged for warships gold on the diverse gaming portal Bananatic. Here, after enough game quests and tasks have been completed using the site, an exchange feature allows players to swap well-earned bananas for Wargaming gold like World of Warships.


This gold can then be used by the players to purchase in-game goods such as premium ammunition and warships, as well as access premium accounts. World of Warships gold can also be used to access extra game credits.