How does it work?

wot gold free

World of Tanks is a free to play 3d combat game that was developed and published by Wargaming. The game was released in 2010 and has since then become available worldwide. The game is now accessible to players on Pc and consoles. Although the game is free to play, certain features within the game remain locked for users of the premium account that can only be purchased online.


The game grabs users the ability to control war vehicles from the 20th century and allows them to battle these vehicles against other players. Wot has multiple player modes, including player vs. player, and clan wars that can feature teams from 7 to 15 players. The gameplay features battles that reward the players with gold and points.


Wot gold is highly coveted, especially when it is available for free. To get Wot gold free, the gamers can use simple and small cheats within the game, such as changing the account password, as well as gain amounts of gold when activating gold codes whenever they become available. The players can also take part and win tournaments and challenges to win wot gold free within the game.


With this gold, players can gain access to premium accounts, special equipment and create clans as well as purchase new features and game points. Players can open up new clans and gain crew that has already been trained according to the amount of gold they possess.


If tasks or quests are completed in the game via Bananatic, another gaming site with bananas as currency, then WoT gamers can win bananas. Back on Bananatic, it’s just a matter of clicking the Exchange button and WoT gold can be exchanged with free bananas. Both currencies represent quality gaming time to reward players and enhance their next session.