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A review on Don't Starve Together

This game in my opinion is one of the most underrated games to ever be made, it is an open world survival game, where the character spawns from a portal called the "Florid Postern". There is a variety of characters the main one being Wilson, The Mad Scientist. Every character has 3 main stats being Hunger, Sanity and Health of course. Each character have different stats and some have special abilities which may have advantages or disadvantages, some may lose sanity faster than others some might get hungry quicker, but usually the pros outweigh the cons. Once you choose your character and enter a world, you will shortly be overwhelmed by the different creatures you can find, most of which will be aggressive.The player needs to quickly gather resources like grass, twigs and flint to be able to craft items needed to survive the night the most vital item being a light source like a torch, because if you are not able to see in the dark, a shadow monster will attack you dealing 100 damage (Average character health is about 150).

Another essential mechanic of the game is days and seasons, available seasons are of course; autumn, winter, spring and summer. Each season has different effects on the environment and the player, for example winter freezes the player if he doesn't have a heat source, while summer overheats the player if he doesn't have something to cool him down. autumn is considered as the most safe season, as there is nothing that harms the player in case of environmental factors, spring however contains a lot of rain which will make the player soggy affecting his items, this can be eliminated by using an umbrella. Another time factor is the moon cycle in game, after 11 days of spawning in a world a full moon will light the world, so there is no need for a torch, and will also affect some creatures like pigmans and certain playable characters like Woodie. Each moon cycle takes 21 days, the 11th day being the full moon. The times of the seasons and moon cycle can be adjusted before creating a world to shorten or extend, the time for it to occur.

Furthermore, the game contains a variety of biomes, 22 to be exact, each biomes contains different species of trees and creatures, like the Marsh biome which usually contains a lot of spiky bushes, spiky trees, murmans and tentacles monsters. The player will need to occasionally visit these biomes for essential items like reeds or cactus, some of these biomes are not a wise place to set your base in them, for example the Desert biome contains the Firefly giant boss, which can easily demolish and burn your base in seconds if not careful.

Finally, the game has a unique game mechanic where you can dodge attacks from an enemy by simply walking away, however it is sometimes tricky to be able to do it correctly as every enemy has a different attack speed and type, so it is always a good idea to wear good armor.

In conclusion, I think this game is one of the best games I have ever played as it has so many different creatures and places. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an amusing and entertaining gaming experience.

4.5 (2)
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