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One of the best mmorpg: archeage

Let's start immediately by saying that this is not a Western product, but Korean. Those who have followed the development know that ArcheAge, as indeed the two titles mentioned above, is the son of the period in which the new MMORPGs were announced extremely frequently, roughly between 2006 and 2010: the Seoul XLGames software house founded by one of the creators of the most successful oriental massive game of all time, Lineage, was born with the aim of creating this title. At the beginning of 2012 ArcheAge was released in Korea, then also in Japan, while at the beginning of this year it arrived in Russia. The western version edited by Trion Worlds, the same house as the highly acclaimed RIFT, has therefore been made to wait so long for it to become the last theme park in terms of time available for North American and European players.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
A prerequisite to explain the many shortcomings of publishing that have affected for three months the opportunity to appreciate ArcheAge: Trion has in fact given the hoe on the feet proving completely unprepared to manage a title that makes the sandbox elements its point of power. While on the one hand the XLGames MMORPG offers rather traditional gaming and progression systems, even if decidedly in-depth, on the other it is all that constitutes the outline that has captured the main attention.
Going with order, already from the process of creation of the character you realize the attention to detail with which the title was made: the aesthetic characterization is one of the most complete that have ever been seen, although inexplicably (or rather, not it's for a Korean title) the shapes of the body can not be changed. There are four races, two per continent: Nuian and elves for Nuia, Firran and Harani for Haranya. These are characterized by human traits or elves, and therefore lack more particular races that are often found in Eastern titles (who knows TERA Popori knows what I mean). This is because the fantasy setting of ArcheAge wants the populations of both continents to have a common history of coexistence in harmony, broken by the events we are going to discover when venturing into the game world.
This choice, however, has to be counterbalanced by a very large number of classes: it is possible to mix the 10 basic skillset in groups of three for a total of 120 combinations available each with customizable skill trees. Of these the builds that are actually exploited by the players are about a third, divided into the usual trinity healer, tank and DPS. The variety is therefore very high and particularly appreciable is the fact that most of the combos allow to exploit different weapons, such as bow and sword.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
All this implies a vast system of quests with which to indulge, and ArcheAge does not miss it: this, along with the combat system called Tab-targeting (like WoW to be clear), is the most classic element of the game also because of the presentation of the entirely textual missions, now not very intriguing. What you get to appreciate for 90% of the time before reaching the level cap set at 50, together with the dungeons for groups of 3.5 or 10 players in the case of the two dedicated to the end-game, does not hit in short for originality due to a supporting structure that any enthusiast knows all too well.
ArcheAge also resumes the decidedly only oriented vocation of the progression phase to which the MMORPGs have become accustomed, with the instances to make the usual exception for which the lack of a group finder makes it highly advisable to belong to a guild to avoid unnerving sessions of looking for group. It does not help then the fact that the quests have a general grind orientation and an optimization that in many cases leaves something to be desired, as in the case of the certainly improved integration between the journal and the map.
But, as we said at the beginning, the XLGames MMORPG offers much more: it is discovered starting from the tenth level, when it is introduced to the farming system that represents one of the most innovative ideas: not only can the resources scattered be collected for the various areas, but also develop their own farm to collect the fruits of the earth by planting seeds, different depending on the area (temperate, arid, tropical, arctic and even underwater) in which we will go to make it. It is even possible to grow the mounts through the stables.
So a crafting that has finally been linked to a double housing system (because they are naturally also present houses) not instanced that allows players to forge the game world in a palpable way making their own settlements.
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