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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduction

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:Go as a lot of players call it its an online/offline free game on steam and its one of the most played titles on steam. The game was launched in 2013 and through-out the years the game have gotten better with every update, from a simple shooter it has become one of the most competitive titles out there with his own matchmaking and raking sistem CS:Go is sure a choice when it comes to what games to play.
The creators of CS:Go Valve is the company behind Steam also and has the best anti-cheat system out of a lot of games out there and with his distinctive trust-factor system its sure that you won't encounter any cheaters or bad players as long as you have a high trust factor. The trust factor can be also improved by having a prime account. To have a prime account you can just buy prime off of steam or reach level 21 within the game itself to get to play on prime matches only. he game also has skins, the skins don't offer any advantages to the player having them even the ones that are 1000+ dollars, the skins are only aesthetic and for "flex" .

The skins can be buyed out of the steam marketplace where every skin has his own price depending on the way its looks,its quality and his rarity,knifes being the most rare items in the whole game. Skins can also be dropped from crates that can be bought also from the marketplace but the only thing about them is that you have to also have or buy keys of the respective case to unlock it for it to drop one of the skins inside the crate. The crates also have different prices depending of the drops,rarity and the date they were released on. The oldest crates being some of the more expensive ones but also some "new" crates can be expensive
If you didn't know CS:Go is free to play since last year and the player numbers have grown since a lot.
The game also has a lot of game modes some of them being made by Valve but the majority of them are made by the community and can be found on steam.
The game has some of the best rates when it comes to consecutive players online, the game just hitting over 1 million consecutive players last year and the numbers keep growing every day.

CS:Go is the latest game in the series of CS the first game in the series being CS 1.6 and the second being CS Source.
The series is a masterpiece of games the every new game coming with new content.
Its also a good place for investors the game having a lot of them with some of them even having inventories worth thousands of dollars in skins and the price of their inventories are expected only to grow due to the increasing of the player base.
CS:Go has a big community of people from all around the world separated for better latency and better overall performance, the game being recently allowed to be played in china to.
The game has a lot of other things that i didn't spoil for you and that i hope that you will find on your own this was just a short introduction to this game for new players or people that have just heard of this game and really want to try it.
In my opinion this game deserves a go 100% the game is very fun and being free to play its also an advantage for the people that want to try it.

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