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Crossout Market Guide for Beginners

Crossout is an amazing game, and the market is a huge and really cool part of it, however, it can be a confusing place for newbies and beginners. I'll start with an overview of it.

The marketplace is where you can buy and trade most of the items in the game. Players put the things that they have won/bought and don't need, and real people buy them. You can sell your own items, as shown in the next paragraph. The game automatically sets prices that best suit the average buying price of the item, but you can set your own and make more money if desired. Buying items is similar, the seller has a price they want for it, but you can ask for a lower price. They might not accept this price, but most do if it is only little bit under what they asked. I've asked for things beyond my price limit by haggling it down to what I could afford many times before, it's a useful feature.
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Whether you just want to get rid of something or you need some money selling is what to do. There are two ways of selling items, the first is the 'quick sell' option. This option picks a random item from your storage and offers to put it on the market for you at the cheapest price, so that it will be the first one to go. This is good for getting rid of unwanted stuff quickly. The other option is to go to your storage, right click your items and click sell. This will give you the sell screen, you can adjust the price from here. I usually put it a little bit more expensive than what it sets for you, it usually sells a little slower than if you left it how it is, but gives you more money.

Remember: if it takes too long to sell, you can always adjust the price by going to the Market: My offers and clicking on the one you want to change.
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Buying items is pretty much the only way to get higher tier items without using the crates/loot box system. Some of the high tier stuff has eye-wateringly high prices: this stuff shouldn't worry you though. Most of the good stuff that will help you progress is within your price range, or at least available after a bit of grinding and selling. (BTW: In my opinion, probably the best way to make money is to sell fuel) Haggling prices is easy: once you have selected the item you want, just lower the prices a few notches to suit you. From my experience, 0.1 to 0.5 down often works pretty well and is accepted. Sometimes 1-2 down can work, but more often than not it doesn't work. Don't rely on me for your methods, experiment and find what works for you.

In the end, Crossout has a lot of potential. Many people find the interface and marketplace confusing and overwhelming, but in actual fact it isn't. Hope I helped you!
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