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Crossout Tips for Leveling up Fast

I first started playing Crossout, to try and complete quests, however I found quickly that it is pretty interesting on its own. You can build your own vehicles to battle against other online players and you can also complete missions to get parts for your vehicle. You are on one of two teams and once all the other players are defeated, or you capture their control point, your team wins. It is a simple concept, but it gets more enjoyable as you get better. You get experience every battle depnding on how many vehicles you destroy. It is possible to get no experience if you did not destroy anything, and that is just a waste of your time. Here are my tips to how to level up fast in Crossout. At first, leveling up will be slower, because you have a learning curve to get used to the controls and the gameplay.
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After you complete through your learning curve, you can either be an efficient experience earner, or spend hours playing and only accumulate a couple thousand points. One annoying thing about Crossout battles is that you earn less and less points as you continuously play longer. This means you can start off earning 6000 points for destroying three vehicles, but around twenty consecutive matches later, you might only earn 1700 points for destroying 3 vehicles. So you should play matches in shorter spurts. For example, play 10 matches, take a snack break or play another game, and come back. You will earn more experience match per points this way. Also if you are on a losing streak or your not getting good hits, you should take a break as well, just for anger control and your general health:).
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Another tip for easy points is to just stand in the opposing teams area, you get 100 points for a certain amount of time you are in the circle. All you have to do is stay in the area and not get killed, and you get a pretty solid experience earner. A cheap, but effective trick is just to simply steal other player's kills. Hide behind your teammate until they have almost destroyed the other vehicle and go in and destroy it for him. It is a safe, but sneaky way to make your team mad, but gain personal wealth. Also assisting in destroying a vehicle also gets you points so just cower behind your teammates and shoot the vehicles from longer distance, this way, you won't die as often, and you will still earn points. Being able to use ramming effectively is also important, it does alot of contact damage and gives you a headstart on damage.
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