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CS:GO review: What I like, dislike and what I think should be fixed

In this bananapedia article, I will talk about what is great, what is bad and what should be better about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In my opinion, CS:GO is great the way it is but there are some things that people do not like about the game. If you are a person who likes shooter and competitive games that are not too expensive, then you should buy CS:GO. In my opinion, the 15 dollars for the game is worth it. Once you get into the game and love it, you will forget that you paid 15 dollars and be happy that you have it. You can actually make some money off of CS:GO and probably make thousands of dollars from the steam market. Now, here is my review on what I like and dislike, and what should be fixed about CS:GO.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Things I like about it:
1. The nice game-play and how the matches and maps are made.
2. Can be played on multiple devices (PC, Mac, PS, and Xbox).
3. The price of it and how much lower it is than call of duty and all of those other "better" games.
4. The graphics and how it was more updated than CS 1.6 and CS:S (Counter-Strike: Source).
What I do not like about the game:
1. How you get a ban from getting too many kicks from competitive matches (most of the time it is trolls and people who annoy you).
2. Why cool skins like restricted skins aren't dropped, only industrial and consumer grade skins.
3. Why cases need to be paid for $2.50 in return for a skin that will most likely be a mil-spec (Never waste your money on opening cases, find the better ways of getting better skins by trading).
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Things that should be fixed:
1- Competitive match kicking from trolls.
2- A better system to watch for hackers on CS:GO, because most of the time they don't really look super close for hackers.
In my opinion and how I see CS:GO, there isn't much to fix about the game, it is already good as it is. This game is amazing, fun, and people should play it over Call of Duty and all of those other "Bigger" games. This game is a cool way to make money. Ways to make money from it is selling skins on some websites or steam market, live streams of game-play on twitch or Youtube. I hope this article helped you understand CS:GO more and show a point of view from a CS:GO player. Again, buy this game, it is great, you won't regret buying it.
Thank you for reading this article.
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