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How to get Better at CSGO

Ever wanted to be a pro-like csgo player?

Well... Im here to show you how to become a pro-like player in a matter of days!

First off, we need to get to know how you play. If your someone who runs into gunfire and dies, then you are an Entry.
If your someone who is semi-good at the game already and can get kills, then you are a normal player! But not for long!

This guide will show you how to become a better csgo player overall.

To start with, you will need to know your mouse sensitivity and DPI of your mouse. This is crucial when it comes to CSGO as you need to know where and who you are aiming at , at all times. Remeber this and get a sensitivity that you can play with, and that you can stick with no matter what. DO NOT CHANGE THIS!

After this, get your keyboard / mouse binds setup, and make sure that you can use this to your advantage, and easy accesability is also a must in the field.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
After we have established all the crucial components, lets jump into combat. This is the next stage of your progression. You need to load up a match with no bots, on a map that has alot of twist's and turns, like overpass or dust 2. With this, you need to walk around the map aiming at head height, pre-aiming around corners to where enemies may be even though your the only one in the match.

After you have achived this, or after about 30 - 60 mins, you can now try to make things a little more challenging. You can now add some bots, either on harmless or easy mode, which ever one you feel comfortable with, and now you have enemies to play against. Using your tatics from the last tip, you can now walk around corners, knowing that you will or should be ok, because your aiming at head height, and pre-aimin every corner. Along with this, if the bots are too difficult for you, maybe get a friend, or lower the difficulty of the bots to make things easier for you.

Another thing you can try to do to raise that skill group, is get a friend or a bot, and go into a 1v1 match server, and just practice aiming for the head, it's the best thign you can do, and it is the best way to achive greatness in the game CSGO. Within time, you will face up against stronger players, and they will dominate you, but if you take the negative part's away, you can also learn from how they move, how they shoot. And this can really be beneficial to you as a player.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As we are closing the gap on your skill level , one last pointer with this game is the players inside of it. Although valve can not establish 'Skill groups' properly you may find yourself playing against better players, dont worry about this, it is all okay, you dont need to worry about some people being better, just focus on your self and eventually you will get better at csgo.

Just as a final reminder, hacking is not a good idea, although some people may or may not tell you that hacking is the easy way to 'global elite'. Within this you will also find more hackers, and you will only be banned. Play legit, and get better throughout a few days. Although Im only MGE (Master Guardian Elite), this is how I got from being a Silver 2 to being a MGE. It's not hard or easy, but if you can find the time and effort to put into becoming a better CSGO Player, I can guarntee you that within a few weeks, you will start seeing your skill level rise because It's meant to be!

Good Luck guys, and all the best,
- King Scroob
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Author KingScrooby
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