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How to play CS:GO at it's FINEST!

Alright, I'm going to straight up say that this is my opinion and hopefully you agree with me!

Okay so basically if your a new player (could be old, idk) and you want to play CS:GO better, I recommend these things.

1. Never solo queue: I recommend never solo-queuing if you can help it. By joining with a group of friends around the same rank, you usually play better because you know each others play style and there isn't as much toxicity. CS:GO is filled with teens and some adults that think they are SUPREME and yell at minor things (this is more common down in silver). Even if you have a bad game your friends won't get super pissed at you for that, unlike some people.

2. Get prime: Prime will decrease the cheaters there are in your game. To get prime you need a phone number, but in this era I'm pretty sure almost everyone who reads this has a personal phone (mobile ones) or home phones (landlines and such). Prime is very helpful, and I've seen less cheaters in my games.
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3. Download something like Faceit, ESEA, etc: These sites have a better anti-cheat system than Valve (it was proven when some player did a study where he turned on wallhacks to see how fast he was banned and he was banned within 24 hours while in Valve it was more than like a week). ESEA is not free however, but it is a good investment if you are a good CS:GO player. Faceit however is free (unless you want premium). There is one more, CEVO, but people tell me it is utter garbage, so please, stick to Faceit or ESEA. Faceit link:

4. Close all background stuff: Anything in the background lags CS:GO (and vice versa). If you are someone who uses (check it out here: then you might let it sit in the background so you can win skins. However, that will shoot your ping up. Unless you have homework or something majorly important in the background, why not close it then reopen it after your done playing (If you have a good computer then never mind since you can probably run CS:GO at 40 ping with tabs open).
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5. Quit joining games with 100+ ping: Seriously, it's annoying. Nobody likes it including you. Check it by going to . This will give you an accurate version of the ping you will get ingame. Also, CS:GO notifies you if your ping is high! It will say something like: Your best ping you can get is: 200ms . Cancel the game, as you will probably get kicked anyways (teammates won't like that).

6. Play on 128 tick servers: ESEA and Faceit are 128 tick, but other online servers are good too. 128 tickrate means that the game sends you the "snapshot" of what your doing 128 times per second, while 64 is half as fast. I would recommend playing Faceit or ESEA compared to community servers.

7. Use Discord: When playing with a party I recommend using Discord as you don't need that silly Push to Talk (not sure if there is still open mic). It won't distract you as much if your playing with serious players, as you don't need someone blaring music in the background...

Well, that's it. If you enjoyed hit the thumbs up button and use some of these links for FREE skins!

CSFaucet: Bitskins faucet!

Zengaming: 1v1 for skins!

CSGO64: A free case opening site! No deposit needed for a withdraw! use code "wf101" please!
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