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How to prevent being scammed and how to spot scammers on CSGO

Hi there!

How are you all doing today? Im here to tell you about Scamming and impersonation on Steam, specificly CSGO.
Scamming and impersonation has become such a large problem in the community, as people are being scammed as we speak right now. Well if you are reading this, you are about to know all the scam methods , and how you can spot them, so you will be safe from Internet Scammers.

Below is a list of ways people can scam you, with a brief explanation on how it works, where the 'scam' is and how to spot it.

If you can see a scammer or know of a scammer, report them immediately, get them tradebanned and removed from the steam community.
If you have any questions on what's below, or again know of a scammer, just report them or add a scam that I had missed in the comments to help the community out.
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Common Scams.

1. The 'I will buy your skins' scam.

- This one is very self explaintory. A user will come along, saying they will buy your skins for real money. Sometimes they might be a legit person. But 95% of the time. They out to take your skins. They will tell you they will overpay for your skins, and will 'send payment' as you get your items stolen off of you. And after they will block you. Or maybe they send the payment first, but this can chargebacke'd. And then you loose money, and the skin.

- You can spot this very easily. If someone just add's your profile out of the blue, and you think its a bit strange. The chances are they want somthing off you. If they are lvl 50 or less, that also might be a sign. They will often send you a chat message saying somthing like this.

"Scammer": Hey Bro!
"You" : Hi there
"Scammer": Are you wanting to sell your skins?
"You": -_-

This can be avoided very easily, and dont send any skins unless payment is in your paypal / btc wallet, as friend and family on paypal to avoid chargebacks.
2. The "Valve Verification" method.

- Well this is stupid. Someone will most likley add you saying they want to trade skins. And you will be open to skin v skin trading as there is really no risk involved. Untill they do somthing like this...

"Scammer": Hello there, I want to give you Karambit Fade for your P250 Meme dune.
"You": Really? Okay :)
"Scammer": But First I need to know that your skin is Legit and not duplicated.
"You": Okay how do I do this?
"Scammer": Send trade offer to this 'valve employee'
"You": -_-

This can be easily reported and get the guy and his bad steam accounts banned.

3. The 'Website Deposit' Method.

- If somthing sounds to good to be true, then it most likley is. But somthing you should know, depositing your P250 Meme dune ... will not get you "$3000" on a gambling site. They will most likley tell you that its a 'glitch' and send you a false / fake offer, that you accept giving them the skins.

"Scammer": Yo bro, you want free money?
"You": Yeah, sure?
"Scammer": Okay, desposit on and then accept trade.
"You": -_-

P.S :: This also can be done using Opskins, when they say they will buy your skins, and they secretly dont, they just send you another scam / fake / false trade.
4. The "Quality Method" Scam

Leading on from my trading guide, you may or may not notice when your trading, but if someone says they have a MW AK Redline, and they want your $3 cheaper item e.g SSG 06 Blood in the water, they will send you an offer, that will secretly, be for a FT AK redline, for your scout, making you the overall looser for a trade. Against this links into the 'too good to be true' type scam.

These are all the scams I can think of for right now, but below is the impersonation trick.

5. The 'Ill give you all these nice skins for all your **Terrible** skins" Method.

Yes,... if you look at the image below, some people are fast to react to trades that give them an opportunity to take someone's valuable item as if it were for trash skins. As you can see below, this is a trade for a Key, for some trashy 0.03 items. But hidden in there is a BS Dragon Lore. Would you accept that trade?

"Scammer": I just want your junk.
"You": -_-
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In the scheme of steam scammers. People are now moving onto 'Impersonating' Steam accounts , in order to get free skins off mislead profiles. An exmaple of this, is my account.

This account is my account , and was impersonated by someone when I was buying skins. One of my customer's thought that the scammer was me, and he got scammed by an impersonated account. Since then we had got the impersonator banned off of steam. And I had refunded what was lost by my customer.

Accounts may look exactly the same, but make sure you are dealing with the right person, otherwise you may end up being like my customer and loosing a few knifes because you didn't take enough care when trading.

Overall, the steam community is a place where people can enjoy and play games with their friends, but sometimes can be mislead into scams and other pitfalls and this could be very bad for people such as yourself.

Within all this, scamming is a bad thing and makes me wonder how you sleep at night knowing you destroyed someone's work.

For all you know, a Knife could have been a gift for Christmas, even though it's only worth $50, that $50 might have been someone's world. If you are a scammer... I just want you to know that you are incredibly selfish, and although yay, you made $50 out of it, someone might be devastated. So if you are a scammer, just stop as there is no need for you to do it. Another one of my guides shows that you can make skins, from essentially nothing, and you don't need to scam to get your way to a dream skin.

Please do take care when using the community guys!

All the best,
- King Scroob
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