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How to prevent getting scammed!

Hey guys, WildFire here, and today I am going to teach you how YOU can prevent getting scammed.

Feel free to like this article and comment on what I forgot/did well.

1. Types of Scams and what they do
2. How to ensure your protection
3. What to do if you get scammed (but this will show you how NOT to get scammed so :D)

Now, you've all met those people who just tell you that your dumb and you should've known. But tbh there are a lot of scams. People are new and creative, but in a bad way. There is probably more than $200 scammed per day, if not more. I've seen lots of people who have lost thousands of dollars, just because they accidentally confirmed a trade thinking that they would get the item, or just not checking the trade. Way back then, Valve used to give you your skin back if you got scammed. People abused the system, sending an item to there other account and claiming they got hacked, then getting a second item after Valve sent it over. The system is not closed (surprise surprise).
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-----------------------------------------------------------------------Types Of Scams----------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Paypal Scams:

What you think happens: The scammer sends you the money, and then you send over the items after. You can't get scammed, can you?
What really happens: The scammer sends an invoice, which means you are sending them the money, and you also get the items taken from you. The scammer blocks you after that.

2. OPSkins Scam, or other bot scams:

What you think happens: The person tells you to deposit on OPSkins. You deposit, and he buys. EZ PZ money right?
What really happens: The scammer tells you to deposit, and tells you to send the confirmation stuff to show that you did. He then uses the security key send you an offer from a lookalike bot. You send it to them and they accept and you don't get any money. The scammer then blocks you.

Impersonation scams:

What you think happens, Case 1: The person tells you to send a knife to your friend. You do.
What really happens, Case 1: The scammer renamed himself to your friend. You sent the knife to the scammer.

What you think happens, Case 2: The person says they are an admin of a site! OMG lucky day! You send them a skin, thinking for profit since you won a giveaway you never entered (gee how fishy).
What really happens, Case 2: The person is not really an admin. He renamed himself to the admin and copied the profile. You sent the skin to a scammer.

3. Hidden item scam:

What you think happens: The person sends you a trade. You accept since it's profit.
What really happens: There is an expensive item hidden in your stuff, you are getting scammed of lots of money.

Upgrade Scams:

What you think happens: The person is going to upgrade your skin! You will send him a $2 skin and he will give you a $5 skin!
What really happens: He steals your skin and blocks you.

There are many more scams, these are just some of the many ones (1 more below).
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Site scams:

What you think happens: They send you to a fake site with a GREAT code that gives you money. You deposit to withdraw your awesome items, but you can't withdraw.
What really happens: The site is a scam, it will never let you withdraw.

---------------------------------------------------------------How to counter these scams-------------------------------------------------------------

1. The picture above is one way: Download a chrome extension called "Steam Inventory Helper". It will calculate the price of all the items in a trade so there is no way of hidden items or stuff like that.

2. Use steam guard: You will have to confirm trades on your mobile device so that you can check over it. Don't be hasty, be smart.

3. USE STEAM REP: That's the first picture. Super helpful site, if someone is banned on there don't trade with them.

v v v Thanks for reading this guide! I will have some links to earn some FREE skins right below v v v : Not sure if this is super trustworthy, not safe on "MacAFee Web Adviser". It is a BitSkins faucet! : Watch ads, complete offers, and more for free money that you can use for CS:GO stuff! : Watch CS:GO games, bet, and earn prizes! On professional pro finals, knives are given away 0.0

Thanks again!
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