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Team Fortress 2 - What You Need to Know & My Opinion

Team Fortress 2 is a FPS Shooter game with different Game Modes and two teams, Red(Reliable Excavation Demolition), and Blu(Builders League United). The game includes 9 different classes and many weapons for all of them, as well as a ton of cosmetics which can equipped. The Game Modes all include the two teams fighting, but all with different objectives, and are split into Casual and Competitive.

  • In Control Points (CP), there's a 3 map rotation, each map consisting of a couple of Control Points held by the Red team. The Blu team needs to capture those Control Points to advance further, whilst the Red team needs to defend them until the round time is over. When the Blu team captures a Control Point, they gain more time.
  • In Capture The Flag (CTF), both the Red and Blu team have Intelligence briefcases in their bases. The objective is to take the enemy Intelligence and bring it to Your team's to gain a point. The team that reaches the needed amount of points wins.
  • In King of The Hill (KoTH), there's a single Control Point that, when captured, starts the timer countdown for the team that captured it. If, for example, the Red team captures it whilst under control of the Blu team, the Blu team's timer is paused and the Red team's is started. When a team's timer reaches zero, they win the round.
  • In Payload, the Blu team must push a Bomb Cart through checkpoints to the Red team's terminal, and if the Blu team manages to push it to the end, the Blu team wins and the Cart explodes (In a variety of different ways for each map).
  • In Mann vs. Machine (MVM), there is only one team, the Red team. The enemies of the mode are many robot versions of each class. One robot is picked to be the Bomb Carrier, who carries a bomb attached on it's back. The objective for the robots is to reach the Hatch at the opposite end of the map and jump in with the bomb, the Red team's: To stop them.
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The classes by order are:

  • Scout - A class that can run faster than any other class and has developed the ability to double jump. Default weapons: Scattergun, Pistol and Baseball Bat.
  • Soldier - A crazy American patriot with a fiery passion for his country. Some say his town's water supply was poisoned. Default weapons: Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and Shovel.
  • Pyro - A crazy pyromaniac with mysterious origins. Nobody really knows anything about him/her. Default weapons: Flamethrower, Shotgun and Fire Axe.
  • Demoman - A drunk Scottish cyclops who loves explosions and has a haunted sword (In-game item/weapon). "Ka-booooom!". Default weapons: Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher and Bottle.
  • Heavy - A Russian morbidly-obese Heavy Weapons Guy, who sure does love his Sandvich (In-game item/weapon). Default Weapons: Minigun, Shotgun and Fists.
  • Engineer - A Texan engineer who can build machines to help his team. He has metal he can use to build a Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and Teleporters. Default Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol and Wrench.
  • Medic - A doctor who lost his license, who can heal and fill up his Übercharge meter, and when full, he can right click to Übercharge the person he's healing. That means him and the person he's healing will gain invincibility until the Übercharge meter is empty. Default Weapons: Syringe Gun, Medigun and Saw.
  • Sniper - An Aussie assassin with a hatred for Spies who also.. Pees in a jar..? (In-game Item/Weapon) Default Weapons: Sniper Rifle, SMG and Kukri.
  • Spy - A professional gentleman backstabber who can kill an enemy instantly by stabbing them in the back. Can also right click and cloak using an Invisibility Watch until the cloak meter runs out and sap Engineer's machines with his Sapper. Default weapons: Revolver, Knife, Sapper and Invisibility watch.
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Now, Competitive is a longer version of Casual, that consists of more rounds, and matchmaking with other players of your skill level. If you quit a match in Competitive, you will get a cool-down and will not be able to play again for a short or long period of time. There are more modes that weren't mentioned, and they are:

Payload Race - Where both the teams have a Cart they need to push to the end before the opposing team does.
Mannpower - Capture The Flag with Power-Ups and Grappling Hooks.
PASS Time - A deadly game of Hockey-Soccer-Basketball where there are jump pads and perks to help you. Holding the ball gives you a speed boost and heals you and your nearby teammates. If the match ends in a tie, something called Sudden Death begins, where both teams are teleported in one place to kill each other until one team emerges victorious.

End note: In all honesty, I love TF2 and I feel like one of it's strongest perks is it's community. The game doesn't receive major updates often, but in my opinion, that's okay. The game is fun and I can spend hours playing it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it.


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