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The defensive pyro (Pybro)

Hello everyone, today let's talk about the defensive pyro, also known as the "Pybro". I tell this again and again but let me repeat this one more time pyro is very versatile. He is so versatile because he can attack, defend, and flank. There are other subclasses as well that change the pyro's playstyle. We have talked about all the other playstyles related to pyros like the offensive pyro, flank pyro, and combo pyro. Today let's take a look at the least utilised part of pyro, Defense. Defending as a pyro certainly sounds weird because the game categorises pyro as an attacking class. The pyros loadout is also not so good for defending. The lack of long ranged weapons in his arsenal is one of the biggest reasons why people don't defend with pyro. There are three key parts for defending as a pyro. They are spy checking, air blasting, and grouping. We will talk more about these three later after we cover the loadout. For now, let's move on to the loadout of a defensive pyro. Before talking about the loadout take note that all of the defensive pyro loadouts will have the homewrecker as the melee.

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So, let's start with the first loadout that I prefer. This loadout consists of the stock flamethrower as the primary, flare gun for the secondary, and homewrecker as the melee. The stock flamethrower will help you to deal damage to your foes but the most important feature of this weapon is to airblast projectiles. The flare gun is obviously for long-range fights. The melee homewrecker is very important and I will talk more about this when I cover all the loadouts. The second loadout that I recommend consists of the degreaser as the primary, panic attack as the secondary, and homewrecker as the melee. Once again the degreaser is for doing damage and air blasting. Degreaser is also very good for combo-shotting your enemies. The panic attack is an amazing shotgun for close ranges. You can also replace this with other weapons like the flare gun, detonator, or scorch shot to cover your long-range weaknesses. If you replace it with the flare gun then you can use the flare punch technique which is very popular among combo and offensive pyro. Now, let's talk about the homewrecker. This weapon is very simple to understand and use. It deals 100% more damage to enemy buildings. This means it deals two times more damage or around 130 damage to buildings. Using the homewrecker will remove any sappers from your friendly buildings in just one hit. This is even faster than the engineer. It does have a disadvantage though. It deals 25% less damage to players. This is not a big downside because you will mostly be using it to remove sappers from friendly buildings. I have put a picture below to clarify it for you.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now, let's talk about the three key components of a defensive pyro as we said earlier. They are spy-checking, air blasting, and grouping. First, let's talk about spy-checking. Spy checking must be familiar to you if you play team fortress 2. Spychecking means hitting your teammates to see if they take any damage or not. If they do then they are enemy spies. Since you have a large area of effect with your flame thrower you can rapidly spread the fire around to see if any of your teammates take damage. This can be done by any class but pyros can do it much better. The second is air blasting. If you play pyro then you know what air blasting is. Air blasting means reflecting your enemy's projectiles at them by pressing the alt-fire. This is not used much by newer players, so try implementing this in your playstyle to be better with pyro. You cannot reflect sniper bullets, shotgun pellets, and other hitscan weapons with the airblast. Lastly, there is grouping. Grouping means staying close to your teammates. A defensive pyro mostly stays close to other classes like medics and engineers who are not capable of dealing much damage. Classes like medic and engineer die very easily because of their dependence on other things. These classes are still very important parts of the team though. Protecting them and fighting alongside them will provide many benefits. That's it for today guys, thank you and have a good day. Also, sorry for any mistakes in this article.

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