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Desperados 3- A Journey Through the Wild West!

These days, games with western settings are few and far between. So, I always get excited whenever a game of this genre comes out. Desperados 3 is a western tactical stealth game that has a story based campaign and is sure to bring out your inner cowboy!

In this article I will be reviewing Desperados 3 and will help you to decide whether this game is worth buying or not. So lets not waste any more time and dive right into the article!

Desperados 3 has been developed by a German studio called Mimimi games, and has been published by THQ Nordic. It was released on June 16, 2020 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.


Desperados 3 is technically a prequel to Desperados: Dead or Alive. We play as the main character, John Cooper who sets out to get revenge on the people who wronged him in the past. The games in set in the Wild West (Western United States) of the 18th century. On our journey, we meet several other characters such as Doc McCoy, Hector Mendoza, and a few others. The interesting fact about these characters is that we can actually play from their perspective and they all have unique abilities.

I guarantee that the story will not disappoint you at any moment as it has exactly the right amount of suspense, thrill and tension. Also, the story-based campaign is around 30 hours long, ensuring that this game will keep you entertained for several days

I guarantee that the story will not disappoint you at any moment as it has exactly the right amount of suspense, thrill and tension. Also, the story-based campaign is around 30 hours long, ensuring that this game will keep you entertained for several days


In all the time that I played Desperados 3, I realized that gameplay is one aspect where this game is truly unique and stands out. Unlike other games in the Western genre, you cannot blindly rush into enemies guns blazing. You have to sneak around to find tactical locations, create strategies to take down opponents one-by-one, and be extremely adaptive.

Movement Mechanics: The movement mechanics of this game are very well-designed. Movement is about timing- you always need to be aware if you can reach a particular location in a limited amount of time. While sneaking around, we can see the individual vision cone of each character, which is marked by a yellow conical area. While in this area, you will not get caught if you do not do anything weird or suspicious. Unlike other games with stealth mechanics, Desperados 3 performs perfectly in this aspect. You will not get caught by people due to bugs or glitches. One more interesting thing about this game is that apart from seeing you, enemies can also hear you!

Characters: There are 5 playable characters in Desperados 3, namely- John Cooper, Doc McCoy, Hector Mendoza, Kate O’Hara, and Isabelle Moreau. Isabelle was added as a new bonus character in this game. Each character is unique and has their own abilities, strengths, and most importantly- weaknesses. To get through the several missions of this game, you need to use every character efficiently and at the right time.

Each character also gets their own main attack- For instance, Cooper has a coin to throw that can distract enemies but he also has the ability to go into battle and take out multiple enemies at a time. Isabelle can distract enemies with her feminine charms, as well as blind them by throwing a perfume bottle at their face! Then there’s Hector, who can set huge bear-traps for enemies which are surprisingly stealthy. Every skill has a cool-down and every weapon has its own unique ammunition which adds to the realism.

Missions: We go through a series of missions, all with many layers of completion. There is a flexibility for completing missions that most games do not allow. The first mission is basically a tutorial that helps us to learn interaction with the environment and makes us familiar with our character, Cooper. Each mission draws out the story of cooper and his band, through the good and bad times. Every mission is large but is broken into several respective actions that simplify the overall experience.


Something that’s noticeable in Desperados 3, right from the start is the hefty increase in detail to even the most insignificant objects. Their is a great deal of visual information available to the gamer. The graphics are superb, with the environment having a realistic feel and textures being well-detailed. The best part about the visuals is the portrayal of characters and enemies. You might think that identifying individual people from huge groups of people from a bird’s eye perspective would be difficult, but that is not the case at all. Each person is easily identifiable due to slight but noticeable differences in their attire. Overall, the graphics are breath-taking with unbelievably good optimization!

Audio and Voice:

The sound-track of this game is excellent. It features country-style western music that changes its pace according to the situation and makes game-play immersive. As for voice, all characters have their own voice which has a unique accent and tone. The voice-overs are so good that you can actually feel the emotion being delivered in each dialogue!


Final Thoughts:

I definitely recommend this game to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you like the Wild-West genre, you are sure to fall in love with Desperados 3 due to its adaptive nature. The developers knew that each player will strive to complete different missions in their own way and have capitalized on this fact. If you are a person who loves making elaborate strategies and then watch them unfold, this is the PERFECT game for you!

Note-I hope you liked my first article and let me know if you have any suggestions for me! :)

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