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Enlisted - The offspring of Cuisine Royale

Enlisted is a game that is created by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijiin - the co-producer of the game Cuisine Royale you guys have heard about. The game itself is very new and interesting, players took place in the battlefield of the Eastern Front, between 2 factions Germany and Soviet Union. The guns mechanism shares many similarities with the brother Cuisine Royale, while the game itself has many more to talk about. Since this is the early release, there are only 2 factions, Soviet and Germany, but personally i believe that the game will be released fully with the faction of US and Germany in the invasion of Normandy as seen in the early-footage gameplay video. According to FAQ, Gajiin said that the game will have similarity or relation to War Thunder- a Simulator battle vehicles game also published by Gaijiin. And since the brother of the game Cuisine Royale turned out to be loved by players, we are gonna see the birth of a new FPS game in the near future, but at least it is still undefined when the game will be published.

The game itself is quite interesting to be honest. Since the game took place in 1941, so all the weapons are all World War 2 weapons, and no, there are yet any easter eggs weapons and i do not think there will be any, but anyway in the game, there are now tanks featuring a kill-cam that shows where the enemy tank is hit - a resemblance to War Thunder. The gameplay is very exciting, instead of 1 man army ( or 1 lives only), player can choose a squad and they will follow your order. What is more, when you die, if the squad has not been killed, you can still pick one of them and boom, you are back from the dead and to the battlefield, thus making the game even more lively and exciting when you know that you have chances to fight and not just drop dead after a nasty headshot. And also, in Enlisted, when your tank is mortally damaged, you HAVE TO climb outside to repair it, and what is more, when your crew compartment is hit, you can either bail out of the vehicle or you can do a last stand when 1 man inside the tank have to switch places between driver, gunner,... giving you a chance to still be able to fight

And lastly, the game is FREE and it just got its first alpha test on the April Fools, and the game has already received positive feedbacks, but of course they are still gonna smoothen the gameplay and give us all a better gameplay. Personally, i love how the game works, you can go through trenches and kill all your enemy hiding inside, or you can flank and eliminate unlucky victims. You can be the defender of Moscow, halting the advance of the unstoppable juggernaut with all your will and resources, or you can be the one who serves the German, and fight for the capture of a point. The game itself since the introduction of players' own squad has seen the battle with more than 150 soldiers ( not players of course because that would be a lagfest), so the game could be just as chaos as it should be. And with the introduction of tanks, finally you can use the HE shells that are utterly useless in War Thunder for good causes, and with efficiency too. I myself only played for a few hours of the Alpha launch and i am already thrilled by it.
Ready soldiers? We have got a counter attack to launch !

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