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Goodgame Empire
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Is it a Goodgame? A quick overview of "Goodgame Empire"

This game is a fairly simple game which has been obviously inspired by much more famous games such as clash of clans where you buy things to upgrade your town then you have to wait for it to build. It seems that you complete quests to get rewards. You have to wait for a chest to give you random items. You expand your city to put more things inside it which get you more resources. therefore an endless loop. Sadly, to get to the end of the game, you do not have to put in any skill. You just have to watch the clock tick by while your city gets slowly bigger as there are a limited number of builders to help you. It is rewarding but only minutely. One small aspect which I have not seen before in these types of games is you get to tax the population. This is interesting but still does not redeem this game.
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This could be good if they had an interesting twist to it but it is tedious. Art style is cliche, It has a very cheap style to it which makes the game feel cheap (although it is free) but you have to sell your product and make me want to play it rather than assume I want to play any old game that you throw out. The consumer is not a slave the consumer should be respected. This game has lost all faith that I had in developers. On one hand, indie developers are creating games which battle the games produced by large companies whereas this game which seems to be made by an entire studio is pathetic and a waste of my time. If the company cared more for games than it did about money maybe we would get much further in game development. But here I am watching the clock tick by as my woodcutters house gets upgraded.
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Thank gosh this game is in browser because if i saw this game on steam selling for any money, I would never buy it, nor if I had to download it I would never buy it. It is bad enough that it downloads cookies onto my PC because after this review I will never think of this game again. In summary I give this game 1 out of 10 because it is a real disappointment. There are no redeeming factors. maybe it would be a little higher if it was an app because phones require much less processing power and this game does not need much. If you want to be inspired for a game. do not choose this genre. look over at a website such as kongregate where there are some people creating great browser games in a short space of time for the fun of it rather that this company which only cares about money. I regret clicking on this game.
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Author homo erectus
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