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Grand Theft Auto V (B2P)
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Is GTA V as good as it looks?

Grand Theft Auto V’s trailer makes it look like the greatest game of the century, and all the DLCs look extraordinary, but it the game as good as it looks? Grand Theft Auto V has three main modes, single player, multiplayer, and the creator mode. In this review, I will speak about these three modes. Please note that this article will be heavily based on opinions.

Firstly, what is the Grand Theft Auto V?
Grand Theft Auto V, or better known as GTA V, is the single best open world game on the market. Although the map is minuscule compared to some other maps, such as Just Cause 3, it is a very detailed and enjoyable map to play. The game features over a hundred vehicles, all highly customization, including planes, helicopters, cars, bicycles, boats, submarines, and much more. Along with the vehicles, your character, both in single player and multiplayer, can be customized in many ways. Online has hundreds of activities, including races, darts, deathmatches, triathlons, damage races, and many others.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
GTA Vs single player campaign is one of the best campaigns in all the gaming world. It has a large campaign, as well as hundreds of random events and side missions. It will take over a year to complete all these objectives. The campaign features three characters, which you can change between at any time, making it basically a three in one campaign. Along with campaign, you can buy, sell, and customize hundreds of cars and other vehicles. You can then use these vehicles to freely explore the massive map Grand Theft Auto V has to offer. The map is full of secrets and some easter eggs, all of which will take you a long time to find. In fact, some secrets in the game still haven't been found. In single player, all three characters have special abilities to make you gaming experience much smoother.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Next is multiplayer:
Multiplayer has a lot to offer. With races, events, challenges, heists, and much more, there is endless fun in the game! Your multiplayer character is can be customized, and even the smallest details, like scars and eye color, can be altered. Grand Theft Auto V contains thousands of player made maps and races, making it so even after you complete all the official levels, you will have much more. GTA V's most enjoyable multiplayer mode is (personally) all races, whether is be air, ground, or water, and deathmatches.

As mentioned before, there are countless player made levels. This is because of the in-game, easy to use editor. The editor allows the player to make their own races, deathmatches, challenges, and maps.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope it helped you!
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