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Full review of Guild Wars 2 with Heart of Thorns expansion & without

Part One: Features Comparaison
A) With Heart of Thorns expansion:
1- All World Map de-blurred
2- Access to Everything (even you have not the required level)
3- You can Get up to 8 Inventory bag slots and starts with 5
4- Mounts, Mastery Points, "Revenant" Profession from Character creation & Raids
5- Glider Skins
6- 5 Character Slots (2 without expansion, 3 unlocked with expansion)
7- Level 80 Complete & some Level 80 Items Rewards!
B) Without expansions
1- You have to unlock every single place on world map
2- No mounts, raids, Mastery points, "Revenant" profession, Gliner Skins & 2 Character Slots with ability to buy more on Gem store
3- Only two Inventory bags slots available as Free 2 Play Character (Account precisely)
4- No Access to higher level Areas
5- Level 80 Incomplete
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Part two: Hero, Chat, Friends, Guilds, Player versus Player & World versus World features comparaison :
A) Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns :
1- Access to all chats (/Map, /Team added)
2- Chat with All friends even if they are in a Team
3- Guild Upgrade Expansion available for buying from Gem store
4- Additional Player versus Player Reward Tracks (This will give you some loots)
5- Player versus Player Leagues: This will give you ability to Unlock unique skins and to show badges or titles also, and much more...
6- Desert Borderlands map unlocked in World versus World
7- Shield Generator weapon
8- Maximal abilities available out there and Elite Specializations, and much more features for Heart of Thorns expansion
B) Without Expansion Account character:
1- No access to /Map and /Team chats
2- Basic guild features, no guild upgrade expansion in gem store
3- basic Player versus Player & World versus World playing
4- No Elite Specializations Available
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Part Three: Last Feature on Account Character Selection page & Conclusion of Comparaison:
i) Last feature:
A) Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion: Ability or feature (i'm not sure) of changing Home World once for free.
B) Guild Wars 2: No Home World changing at all
ii) Conclusion of comparaison:
A) Features:
1) Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns: With this expansion you can get everywhere, do anything, anytime, buy anything (of course you need some extra money in account for more gems) unlock everything, ride a mount, exotic weapons and faster Leveling Up because of Expansion EXP (Experience) Bonus, Chat with all friends, map chat, team chat and raids. (Caution: this doesn't mean that all chests are ready you need to complete Waypoints, Vistas, Re-known hearts and Points of interests
2) Guild Wars 2 without any expansion: You need to explore everything in every map for Map chest, maps blurred at start ( i mean you can't see everything in unexplored area), no mounts no exotic weapons, no mastery points & no "Revenant" profession at character creation process, leveling up will be so time catchy thing & finally only main dungeons & story plus side stories(there will be no extra stories of expansions).
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Author ach_raf
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