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League of Legends
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League of Legends - One of the Best MOBA games

League of Legends is an MOBA mode game, this game is very famous nowadays, it is one of many games that are internationally recognized.

Already for several years that there is the League of Legends and I have been lucky enough to play it since its early years, over time has been able to witness how League of Legends has evolved over the years and has increasingly improved.

Be it in your character design like adding new battle modes and different battlefields to select.

But one of the main changes that the League of Legends has faced is the number of available characters it possesses. At the beginning, it had only a few characters to select from in each battle, but today it already has a large variety of characters available for selection.

League of Legends is one of the games that more hours of fun will give us. This game has a great quality of character design and battlefields.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
One of the things I like most about League of Legends it is the variety of strategies that can be created for each battle mode.
There is a great variety of characters and each of them has unique abilities. It makes League of Legends one of the most strategic and methodical games I could play.

Of course, We can not compare League of Legends with games that need a high strategy like Starcraft 2 or all the games of the Age of Empire saga. But League of Legends is still a great game in which you must think very well the strategy of battle.

In addition, League of Legends counts on the battle modality of 5vs5 and 3vs3 which adds more difficulty since for each game mode a different strategy must be used and depending on which characters we use also we must modify the strategy to be able to win each battle.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As I have been able to play League of Legends since its beginnings I can certify that this game is one of the best games of the MOBA mode, I have also been able to play other games of the same modality as the DOTA 2, but the DOTA 2 seems very dark and The colors very opaque compared to the League of Legends.

League of Legends, in my opinion, has a perfect combination of both the colors of the battlefields and the designs of the characters. One thing that the League of Legends has in its favor and it seems to me something very important to emphasize is that each personage own history.

League of Legends has become so famous until it reaches the point of realizing an annual world championship, in which hundreds of players of different parts of the world participate every year.

Today there are many games that try to copy the mode of the League of Legends and DOTA2, but personally, I do not think that any other can reach the same level of League of Legends.
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