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Minecraft is a single/multiplayer game that is based off a world of blocks where you build virtually anything you desire. It has two game modes, creative and survival. In creative, there are no lives or hunger, and you have all the blocks and tools available to use. This mode engenders more creativity (hence the title) and gives you more freedom to build elaborate, out of the box creations. In survival, you are limited to a certain number of health (in lives) and you have a hunger bar. You can keep your hunger full all the time by enabling peaceful. There are also different diffuculty levels: easy, medium, and hard. The main challenge in surviving in survival is the monsters that come out in the nighttime. There are many different types of monsters that have increased over the years such as creepers, zombies, spiders, witches, skeletons, and more.
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If you get to the nether, which is a whole new world you can get to if you have the right supplies, there will be more, harder to defeat monsters that give you more items that are unique to the nether. Creatures such as ghasts and blazes will start to appear. I think this new world gives players more motivation and interest into their survival world. A major part of survival is that you have to craft all your blocks and weapons with more basic resources which you mine or acquire from the world. Different trees and caves give you different items. There are also big cave sytems underground in which you can find metals and diamonds. Diamonds are usually hard to find and only acquired usually at lower elevations near lava. There are many ways to die in survival, like burning, killed by monsters, and falling to name a few.
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I think what makes this game so fun is the amount of things you can do with it. You can build a massive castle, build a death trap for zombies, or create a rollercoaster park(they have minecarts). This gives players more interest and allow them to put more time into discovering this world. There are also different modes of transport such as walking, sprinting, minecarts, horses, and more. Speaking of horses, you can tame and keep animals for a ranch or as a pet by showing it certain foods. This makes it easy to maintain a big pen of animals and helps the food collection process. A huge aspect of this game is its multiplayer options. Playing with friends on survival can be very beneficial and also way more fun. You can also skip nighttime in Minecraft by sleeping in a bed, however in multiplayer, both friends have to sleep.
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