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Helping tips for the noobs and wanna be builders : 2 in 1 guide.

Surviving the first night. Step one, as soon as you load into the world you need to be ready to start gathering resources. There is no time for sight seeing. Step two, Punch a tree. Preferably punch down 3 small to medium sized trees. Step three, make a crafting table. Press E on your key board and place 1 wood in the 2x2 section at the top then with the wooden planks you get put 1 in each section of the 2x2 and place the crafting table down. Step four, make a wooden sword. First, in a crafting table, make a stick with two pieces of wood on above the other and then place one stick in the bottom middle section and two wooden planks in a line from above the stick to the top. Step five, find a herd of sheep. You will need 3 pieces of wool and you will do this by killing three sheep with the sword. Step six, make a pickaxe. Place two sticks in the middle most section and the bottom section and three wooden planks in a line going across the top. Step Seven, get cobble stone. Find stone and then break it with the pickaxe, get 8 pieces. Step Eight, make a furnace. In a crafting table place all 8 pieces around the edge. Step nine, make a home. Place the furnace next to the crafting table along with the bed and make all the wood planks and surround yourself, if you don't have enough quickly go to a tree and break it and continue building. Set ten, Survive the night. When it is dark put two pieces of wood in the top and bottom part of the furnace and sleep in the bed. Well done you have survived the night!
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Building on hypixel. When you are playing build battle on hypixel there is only two ways to win a build battle and they are both not fully guaranteed you to win. The first way is to be a really good builder already, however this may fail as shown in one of Grians video (A really well known builder, who has his own server and also builds on wynncraft) where he built amazing builds but mostly never won. And the second way is to build what everyone else wants. What is that? How do you build what people want when you dont know what they want? Well it is simple, just play a few games and study which builds win and see which building style is more preferred and what similarities each winning builds have with each other. If you cant do that you can always make something funny or just keep trying, because one day you may get lucky.
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What I mostly see winning, is something that looks cute. You will need to have the animal, or character have cute eyes. Ugly things will be hardly voted high. Also a tip, never vote everyone else's builds to the maximum low as it is believed that can effect your score to become low too. The best way I normally find out how to rank stuff is:
Super poop=something not even related to the topic
Poop=related but very bad simplistic or not finished
Ok=Related and a bit more detail
Good=Related and of a good quality
Epic=Related and good quality with scenery
Legendary=Something that looks like it is done by a professional
With this marking system it should make your votes fair and less of a chance for you too keep voting low and getting yourself a low amount of points. Hope you found this guide helpful and thanks for reading. :D
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