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Minecraft: Lesser known Mobs

In my previous article, I didn't finish all the mobs since there are so many, so here are some more mobs. :) So in the hostile mobs category there are elder guardians who spawn during the making of an ocean monument. They drop prismarine shards, fish, prismarine crystals, and wet sponge. Prismarine can make make pretty blueish green blocks used for decoration. The elder guardian acts and attacks much like the guardan, firing lasers and thorns. Strays spawn in icy areas and are variants of a skeleton. They shoot arrows as well ,however they inflict slowness to the target. They drop normal skeleton drops, however the arrows might be tipped with slowness. Wither skeleton are also variants of the skeleton and spawn in nether fortresses and in the nether. They are like the nether version of skeletons.
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Instead of a bow, they carry a sword and drop coal, bones, and rarely a wither skeleton skull, which are key aspects in spawning the wither. Vexes spawn during evoker's attack and barely drops their iron sword. Evokers only spawn in woodland mansion, and will not despawn because of how few there are. They drop totem of undying and emeralds. Evokers attack by summoning vexes, fang attacks or a spell. Shulkers spawn in the End city and drops a shulker shell. it can deflect arrows with its shell. Now to the tameable mobs. The horse are the most popular way to transport other than walking. They drop leather and can be tamed with apples. Tamed horses need a saddle to ride them and you can also put horse armor on them. Donkeys are smaller horses and can be equipped with chests but not with horse armor.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Mules are a product of horses and donkeys and can carry chests. There are also other variants of the horse such as the zombie and skeleton horse. Skeleton horses are very fast. Llamas are found in hills and savannas and can carry chests and carpet. They can also spit at you if you attack it, and this deals half a heart of damage. Wolves spawn in the forest or taiga and can attack you if you attack it. You can keep it as a pet with a bone and a collar will appear around it. The good thing about wolves, is that it can help you attack mobs and other things. You can also make it sit or stand. The ocelot can turn into cats with a raw fish and that tames it. They will not attack players but may attack chickens. There are also mobs that help you fight mobs like the snow or iron golem. They are spawned by the player.
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