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why minecraft is the best survival/building game

Minecraft is a blocky graphic building/survival that is alright i personally don't like spending to much time on it because after you beat the game, which is by killing the ender dragon if you didn't know, it just gets boring. Don't get me wrong it is a pretty fun game you can role play with a couple of your friends but it does get pretty boring after a while. It is really fun for you little kids out there they just really love this game like a lot. My little brother legit loves this game and he is like ten years old. I used to play the crap out of this game back in the day. I loved the game but the one thing is that it is really hard if you play on the hardest difficulty i always play on the hardest difficulty on every single game i play just for the sake that i like a bit of a challenge when i play video games
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This game does have some variety to it though which is pretty cool you can download like parkour maps which is pretty fun. There is also this map called sky block which you are on an island and you have one tree and a bucket of water, milk and a bucket of lava. What you do in sky block is with those resources you build on from there and you just survive from there on out. There is also skins for your character which you can download them and then link your minecraft account and then your character has a cool skin which is cool. Id rate this game seven out of ten. The reason why i rate this one lower than the other game that i review is because the replay value of this game is very very low. So there is absolutely no replay value because its just plain boring after you finish playing this game.
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So this game is good if you like to play a survival game id recommend buying this game because a lot of people have this game and they might want to play it once in a while and it isn't a bad game but it does get boring after a while. Like i said its not a bad game but it does get boring at times or most of the time. There is other things to do other the normal minecraft mode but it does get boring if you play other modes still. Like i said i do recommend buying this game because some of your friends might want to play this game once in a while but i wouldn't want to play this game all the time. Id rate this game a seven out of ten and a 72 on metacritic. If you want something to just waste some time like if you are at the airport waiting for your flight and you have nothing else to do id recommend getting this game
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