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Perfect World International
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1ofthe best f2p mmos

Best f2p mmos cuz
Perfect World is a nice, well made MMO
You know what it feels like to play a perfect superhero MMORPG.
Honestly, this is my favorite MMO out there. Any other MMO that goes into as much detail as this one is probably just another fantasy MMO, and we already have enough of those.
Lets start with the pros:

-Its a very fun game. Combat is easy to get, but fast and still challenging, while being adictive. Endgame bosses can and will 1 shot you if you screw up.
-The classes are very different from each others, each one has its perks, and some of them are extremely fun to play.
-The background lore is right on WoW level.
-There's new content like, every 6 months.
-Foundry quests, made by users for users.
-Leveling doesnt take too long, but its not too quick either. Its just right on spot.
-You dont have 4 bars of abilities like in wow for example, its much simpler. You have 2 spammable At wills spells (mouse buttons), 3 Encounter skills (Q,E,R) that usually have average cooldowns, and 2 dailies that require you to fill a bar to use. All classes have a special effect on TAB button, and you have a key (usually 5, 6 or 7 on your keyboard) to use your primary artifact. However you have many skills to slot on those few spots, so your rotation and playstyle are very customizable. For example, on my CW (Control Mage), with my rotation, i could keep 100% uptime of CC on packs of mobs if i played it perfectly, while still dealing top damage.
-The community isnt bad at all. Ive made some good friends, as most players are older than the average gamer.
-You can get anything in the game without paying a cent. Just get ready for the massive grind.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game is good & has much potential; it can be a lot of fun; it has only a handfull of real weakness that hold the game back from greatness.
Lets start with the pros:
The Cons:
-PvP is rly messed up. Some players went all out on P2W, and are packing the most ultimate enchants, which you will never get even close to, since 1 of them is worth more than the average player's account, and the best armor available. They'll steamroll you so hard that you wont even have time to bite the pillow. And some classes are just too strong.
-PvE is pretty meh. The old dungeons are useless and empty due to the release of the latest +25man "raid", which consists on a zerg rush of people dealing damage. The drop chances for lower tier gear (from the older dungeons) are good, so basically you're being "forced" to do that zerg rush. Oh and i was unable to do that with my friends. Going in party wasnt working, it was random for everyone.
-Too much currency. There are literally +50 types of currency or tokens you can use, and most of them are useless.
-Cryptic doesnt listen to the community, and they are very incompetent. They enforce their changes even thou 95% of the people disagree with them. A dungeon was impossible to finish for like 2 weeks because the item used to enter the boss room was missing. Dunno why they didnt just disable it, instead it was running but you couldnt finish it. They usually fix something and break something else with each patch.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
It's really simple, the game is free. You can try it to see if you like it or not, and then see if you deem it worth it to pay for more options (which, AGAIN, is a choice, not a necessity). If you like customizing characters, this is right up your alley. If you're not much into online gaming and just want a large-scale single-player game, this is great too. If you DO want to play with friends, this is just as good for that too.
Lets start with the pros:
In the end, this is a game that had a fantastic potential, and could have been the "next" mmo. But it was given to people that didnt had the ability to take it there, and honestly, its getting worse each expansion, with huge lack of imagination that results in endless daily grind, and
Its not a bad game at all, its fun and adictive, and easy to play but hard to master; but you will struggle to reach the real items without paying; the grind is insane and getting worse; and finally, the company behind the game sucks really bad, at almost every level.
It wont be hard for you to find something else better to play within the genre.
5.0 (1)
Author Zab
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