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Pikuniku pc review, What is the deal!?

Pikuniku is a semi popular indie game that is available on multiple platforms. Most commonly it can be found on the Nintendo switch for around 12 pounds or 13 dollars. It is a game for all ages as there is no disturbing scenes and with practice the controls are easy enough to use. Today I will be reviewing the mechanics and my experience on this game based on the pc version. For pc it can be brought of steam or other gaming website platforms such as which is where I myself brought the game. The game is described as a adventure/exploration puzzle game. While this may be a adequate explanation I feel more than anything it is a platform game. I would say with my experience it is a indie platform game that is a mix of Mario and donkey Kong in how the controls and puzzles work. It however also follows the majority of the platform games due to having little to no plot. This means if you are looking for a puzzle game or platform game with plot then this game is not for you and I do not recommend.

Now getting to the core gameplay and design. The game is a very unique style that may not be for every person on the game market. It is a very childish and colourful design that is either very appealing to some however a bit over the top or simplistic for others. This makes this game a unique taste with a very specific yet limited community of people who enjoy this game. As for the core gameplay it is very much like donkey Kong in the difficulty level of it's puzzles. There is anything you would find in a normal puzzle game in here. Anything from secrets to very basic puzzles to more challenging bordering on irritating puzzles. The game also has is very cute in how the characters interact with give their limited plot and screen time is a commendable feat. The characters besides our blobby protagonist are simple and colourful matching the background design yet still manage to each be unique and somewhat loveable in their own rights. Overall the graphics are very much a mixed bag

The controls of this game are also simple yet at times can be a bit tricky to get quite right to perfect the puzzles you are handed as the game continues and increases in difficulty. However keep in mind these are the pc controls I am discussing as I do not know if this issue applies to the Nintendo switch version of this game. However how the controls appear n your screen is decide ably adorable. Everything from when pikuniku sticks his super long legs out to when he rolls down the hill like the downwards slope life feels like in 2020 and 2021 for many. Overall the controls may not be the easiest to handle on a pc version but it is worth the effort to see our adorable red blob roll around living it's best life. To review all that I've previously written Pikuniku is a adorable platform, adventure puzzle game that at times can be simple or a bit tougher, its characters while having little screen time and plot still manage to be adorable. If you are searching for a simply designed fun pastime that doesn't take itself to seriously then don't search further as this is for you.

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