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Pokémon ultra sun review (slight spoilers)

Pokémon ultra sun is a Pokémon game for the 3ds exclusively and is part of the ultra sun and moon duo. It is a remake of the original Pokémon sun and moon respectively with slight tweaks to the plot and additions to the game. However it is cross platform meaning as long as you use Pokémon available in both version for the game you are able to battle people with only the original copy of the game. There is also the addition of a post game in the form of the rainbow rocket team. These are very entertaining to challenge after the game is beat and also provide quite a challenge compared to other villain teams that are often pushovers. There is still however all the loveable mechanics of the previous game such as poke beans to level up your little pocket monsters friendship and the café where you receive these poke beans and one full heal per day each time being from a different region. Speaking of region the alola region was heavily inspired by Hawaii and this shines in every aspect of the game.

One of my favourite additions is the ability to surf between islands and do tricks, these give you beach points which you then trade for items. It can take a while to gather points but it is very much worth it and since it is so fun the time really does fly. Another big addition that is somewhat of a mixed bag is the wormhole mechanic; it is a fun minigame that allows you to travel to distant lands to catch the 8 ultra beasts but also allows you to catch many of the legendary in the franchise and get s limited selection of shiny Pokémon much easier. This I a very exciting a fun mechanic that allows less experienced gamers with a narrower selection of games to gain rare Pokémon easier. However it does feel a bit unfair to the fanatics as their rare Pokémon are now devalued thanks to this mechanic. There are also a few more additions I wish to discuss here so if you are still interested please read on to hear about the other additions in this wonderful tropical game.

Like a lot of the recent games there is a lot of choice for character customization. The clothing selection ranges in price but is very large allowing for people with all tastes in clothing to express this in their game. As for the graphics like always Pokémon has hit the nail on the head with beautiful graphics for all time of the day. My only complaint is that in the Pokémon moon area the time zone in game is different to yours so if you have a Pokémon that evolves in the day you will have to stay up at night to do so. As for game length it is on the shorter side due to it being slightly easy but thanks to the post game this is not an issue. For what story there is though it is a incredible story that I feel has been improved from the previous release. My personal kudos to whoever created Gladion as he makes a incredible rival that is unique and lovable to me and many in the fanbase. The soundtrack is very cheerful and soothing but nothing too incredible compared to some others in the series. To conclude Pokémon ultra sun is a remake done extremely well and I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age with a 3ds.

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