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Portal 2: Masterfully Designed Game.

I have played Portal 2 for awhile now, and I acquired it while it was on sale for 99 cents. Its normal price is around 10 dollars but I think it is worth it, because of how well developed and coordinated this game it. There is alot to discover and there also is a fun multiplayer co op option. There are many levels to complete, and it proves to be a sort of challenging, intriguing puzzle game. What is great, is that there all also coop levels and stages you can play so you can game with a friend. How you play is, you place portals down to get around, and you press buttons, move blocks, change laser beams, and more tricks to try and solve a way to open the door to the next stage. The whole theme is all very techy and futuristic looking, and they are pretty consistent with that look, so it is well polished.
As you get to the higher levels, unsurprisingly, they get more challenging. The different levels often are very unique in the way they operate and unlock. One coop level that stood out to me what a stage where you got to control a series of moving boxes, and you had to navigate the other person through. It was kind of like control a mouse in a maze, and I really thought how the developers designed this stage was very complex and unique. The coop levels also require some set amount of trust, because you rely on them to not fall, get crushed, or die. You can die many ways in this game, you can get crush by anything heavy, you can get shot by lasers, you can fall into oblivion, or into murky water, you can get pranked by your partner and die, bottomline is, even the ways of dying are creative.
A gaming aspect of this game is, you can only place portals on certain blocks(white panels) and you right or left click to place one down. Sometimes there aren't places you can easily see to place down portals, and that is where the thinking begins. If you are a person who just likes straight forward pvp fighting games, this game isn't for you because this game actually requires you to use your brain, and not rely solely on quick scopes and fast keys. Portal 2 is the follow up to Portal. They are both great games, that are worth playing, however, personally, I think that Portal 2 is a little better becaus eof its coop mode and its slightly more interesting storyline and stages. They make the storyline very present in this game and also offer a bit of humor in their robot tone. Overall, Portal 2 is a great buy and definitely worth your time.
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Author cheryling
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