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Rail Nation is not my type

This game was the first one Bananatic showed me. When I first heard about this game, I thought it was one of those games that spends all their money on advertising and not the actual game. I decided to try anyway, both for the heck of it and for dem bananas. I went to the site and created an account. It told me to go through a tutorial. It was fairly uninformative because it told me to do things without explaining what they do or how to get there. When I was thrust into the actual game, I had no idea what to do. Luckily, there was a game option to progress through tasks, rather than being alone. So I began to complete those tasks, while sending screenshots of my gameplay to Bananatic. When I began to write this, my third screenshot was being verified. I'm not sure if it will be accepted because there is no building actually called "Rail station". I hope the task description gets updated sometime.
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After the tutorial, the game's speed quickly dropped. Much of the game content not only required tedious clicking through hard to control menus, it also required long hours of waiting for income. The game's money cap made it very difficult to progress far into the game quickly, and the idea of servicing trains forced me to keep coming back (annoyed and unwilling). When I started actually playing, I was completely lost on the menus because of its nontraditional style. Luckily, the tasks directed me to its goal each time, so I slowly understood how to maneuver. For most of the time I was playing, I was doing something else to get enough money to buy something. If I purchased an upgrade, I was forced to wait even longer for it to finish. Near the end of the third screenshot, I gave up on waiting and used the premium money to buy upgrades. But even then, you cannot buy normal money with premium money. It only removes waiting for the upgrade.
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Not all of the game is bad, though. For one, the idea of supply and demand is a creative way to keep the game interesting. It is also mostly noncompetitive, making it calm. There is a very big map, allowing your web of trains to expand all over Europe. It makes the game focused mainly on people who like slow, long lasting games with a bit of strategy in it.

I'm not a big fan of these slow, management type games. I prefer more fast paced games that can be picked up at any time, so I probably have a bias against others. If you like watching trains slowly move past your screen, you might want to try this one. You might have a different view on this game. But if you're impatient, action loving, or even just looking for a nice, easy game, you should look for something else. It's just not the kind of game I would enjoy playing.
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