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Rail Nation: Part 5 of Dippy's Guide

This guide is not an exact way to play the game, but a collection of ideas and opinions from players who has played Train Nation. It might contain mistakes that can has a negative effect on your game. Under the different topics you will find references that take you back and fro through the guide on different criteria on a specific subject. The objective of this guide is to give you general ideas on how to improve your gaming skills. Rail Nation is an online strategy railway-game where gamers can start their own railway company. Rail Nation can be played free in all common browsers. Gamers compete in real time for 3 months through 6 different eras against other players all over the world to become the winner of the server. The sole player or group of players in an association with the most points win by investing in industries, upgrade station buildings and deliver needed goods to the city. Associations, friendly and rivals, have to work in harmony to deliver the goods in demand for their city to thrive and grow quick. At a small amount of cash, gamers can get a premium account to benefit from all sorts of different amenities. Rail Nation has many surprising aspects to determine which route your game will take you. This guide will give you advice on how avoid common mistakes, tips on how you to invest correctly and which engines to prefer.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Each city level requires a certain level industry to sustain the city's needs. Example: Cotton had to grow to level 3 before its large enough to supply enough cotton to fill the requirements for city growth. If players push the "occupancy" level of the Cotton harbor up to 300 percent and hold it there steady, they will be able to get level 3 Cotton harbor within 12 hours. This strategy should level a city within 24 hours." (Credit: Wijo).

The cities that reached maximum roof level of an era, will get the first next 3 era goods when it starts, so they do not need to level again to obtain these new goods. This level limit allows other cities to narrow the gap between the top cities

When a city level up, new industries become available. These goods will replace some of the Required Goods (RG) that is needed at the City. It requires new routes to be connected between these industries and cities. New industries need raw material and goods from other factories to produce goods (occupancy rate).

Pushing for Green status bars At some stage, all players from your city will be required to haul only the required goods to level the city. Check your City's forum for updates. You will have a (sometime) frustrating task of all engines to haul only the Required goods (RG) direct to the city to get the bars into green before the counter resets. You will sacrifice profits and miss out on competitions to achieve this goal. You will assist other associations in hauling their goods also. If you push your trains to the limit, you will have the benefit of a higher city level soon to have new goods available at very high profit margins.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
You can start investing in industries once you have connected it to the city with rails. Invest in industries to reduce waiting time for better profit per hour, but do not over invest; rather spent the credits on your upgrades at the station buildings. Prestige points will be awarded for the amount invested when that industry level up. You have to check regular on each industry how much your prestige reward is, since other players or Association could have outbid you on the ranks.

New Investment
Taking over an industry reduces waiting time You can take over the majority ownership of an industry by investing 50% or more to reduce waiting time by 25%. If you are playing as teams in a city, take care not to over invest and accidentally take away the ownership of a friendly association (some associations from your own city works together with you by assisting in transporting the RG) . Look for the red X over the shield that indicates your next investment will take away the majority from the current association. Consult with that association's members to avoid bad vibes between you and other players

Go to your planning office to see which worker is available for auction. Your association members can all participate in the bet to have a worker for your association. Each worker has different attributes from which all the members of the association will benefit. If you placed a bet on a worker, notify your members to help securing the bet.
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