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rail nation: personal thoughts

For all lovers of management browser games, Rail Nation is an opportunity not to be missed, a title completely translated into Italian that allows players to manage a railway company specialized in transporting goods and resources at factories and cities.

You can buy locomotives and wagons, set up travel plans and deliver goods in exchange for money, which can be re-invested to improve trains and their efficiency, upgrade the train station and related buildings, invest in the search for new technologies and much even more.
First you must complete the tutorial, which through the advice of the nice William will teach you the basics of the game and will help you buy the first locomotive and a freight car. In this way you can plan the trip to a nearby city, starting the train that will take care of back and forth to continuously transport resources in exchange for money. Initially you can buy only three types of wagons, namely those for wood, wheat and coal, and later you will unlock many others, such as those used to transport iron ore, livestock, axles, cotton, spinning and so Street. With the first profits you will be able to upgrade some buildings inside the railway station, which will allow you to improve your trains by increasing their speed, for example, or by allowing you to tow a larger number of cars. In the base you will then find various buildings with which to interact, such as the building site, the garage, the bank, the laboratory, the hotel and the shopping center.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Among the most important menus we find the Map, the Train Station, the Search and the Vehicles, each of which will allow you to access features and features of vital importance. Through the Map you can see the locomotives at work and the related programs, while accessing the Vehicles section you can buy new, more modern and efficient trains. Research is also very important, through which you can spend the points produced by the laboratory to unlock new technologies and install updated components on locomotives. Finally, it is good to know that Rail Nation consists of six epochs, each lasting 14 days. At the end of this period begins the final match between the most developed cities, where the best players can give their best to prove their superiority.
Rail Nation offers a graphic sector not bad, animated and full of details that make the whole experience stimulating and immersive. The extremely intuitive user interface allows even beginners to understand the basics of the game without any difficulty, while the complete translation of the texts in Italian makes understandable every little detail, description, suggestion or task to be completed. Finally we find a rather lively color palette and a detail of the textures after all appreciable, which is to enrich a visual experience overall satisfactory and up to expectations.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
At the level of gameplay we find ourselves in front of a typical management, conceptually classic but made unique by a completely unusual context in the world of browser games, namely that of trains and the transport of resources. After years of building cities and airports, here you can finally manage a railway station with its locomotives and wagons full of goods, ready to whiz on the rails to enrich and grow your business.

Rail Nation is a noteworthy management browser game in Italian, a title with an innovative game context that allows players to manage and grow a company based on the transport of goods on rails over time. Locomotives to be purchased and updated, buildings to be improved, tracks to be built, new factories and cities to be reached will be the main objectives that you will have to achieve, within a technically high-quality browser game that I recommend trying out to all fans of the genre.
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Author Izanagi66
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