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A small Roblox review

Roblox is a online phenomenon having more then 50 million players! 'What is Roblox?' It is a online platform dedicated to extend imagination and creativity as well as a new platform for making friends. It's best when 4 - 14 years of age to sign up so when your around 5, 6 or 7 I would say is the best time to make an account for Roblox. I am a long time user of Roblox and its a really good time, making new friends and playing with them. I would really recommend this game if you want a bigger imagination and socializing, Play Roblox. Even if you don't have friends, talk to someone in game to have a better time, but if they reject. Learn from your mistakes and be yourself!'What is another premise of Roblox?' Another premise is that you can make your own Roblox game, you can either use a template Roblox hands out or use your imagination and thinking to better your game! You can share it to your friends on roblox then it might get popular. But you never know.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
'Some cons to Roblox are that the currency to change clothes for your person cost real life money so don't get to addicted to changing outfits. Another cons are, some people there are really rude or wants to ruin the experience for everyone by making fun of someone, being rude etc. But luckily Roblox has a report button for reporting bad behaviour so if you report something that is bad, most likely Roblox will look at it and ban them!'What are some pros about Roblox?' Some Pros of Roblox is that its GUI interface is very user friendly as well as a big variety of games for children or adults to play with. Another pro is that most Roblox users are really kind and would really like to be your friend. These are some of the Pros and Cons of this game and if you think it suits you try Roblox out to better your imagination! (In The Games Below, There Are more then 15 Million More To Choose From!)
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This is A small Insight what Roblox have become over the past 11 or 12 years! It is a online sensation for small kids and all the way to adults. It would help and benefit for children expanding there creativity and as well as learning online social skills! Do not take this for granted and this is my insight of the game as a user since 2014 and my relatives. Roblox is a beautiful game to play and a really good online platform for you and your real life friends to play with. As Roblox says it is a adventure, immersive and family friendly I would say this is the best one of the best online games in history and the creators will surely expand this franchise making a better experience for everyone and that's what the developers of Roblox want. They want imaginations to grow and there delivering the best they can for everyone. So for Roblox I would really recommend this game to everyone. But I rate Roblox 9.8/10. Thank You for reading my first ever review of a game!
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Author BoiIfYouDont
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