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Apocalypse Rising 2 - Is It Worth It?

Every OG Roblox player would know about Apocalypse Rising 1. It was a post-apocalyptic, survival game on roblox, it used to be one of the most popular games until hackers ruin the game, nowadays, loot spawned in by hackers can be found in almost every Apocalypse Rising 1 server. However, there is also Apocalypse Rising 2. Players like us were hyped when it was announced that it was going to be released, however, that didn't happen as Gusamack (Apocalypse Rising 1 & 2's developer) underestimated the time needed.

The game is currently in Alpha for 200 Robux and there are plans to release it for free during its Beta stage. So is it worth it? I decided to buy the game so that you wouldn't need to take the risk.

The first thing I noticed when I start the game is the amount of customizable that is locked, in order to unlock them, you have to find them and trust me, it's going to take you a while to do so. When Spawning in, I noticed the Energy and Hydration. Instead of using stamina as a price for running like in AR1, AR2 uses energy and hydration. To simply put, run = faster energy and hydration depletion, walk = slow energy and hydration depletion.

Another difference from AR1 is that there are water bodies that we can swim through, though I would not recommend it as doing so will make you unable to equip anything from your inventory and you are prone to attacks from shores or boats (yes there are boats also).

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

^one of the locations in AR2 (Apocalypse Rising 2) Pretty detailed ngl.

AR2 is more of a PvP-based game than a PvE-based game, unlike AR1. There are few zombies to encounter and I usually save bullets for players instead and there are a lot of campers and zergs. AR2 has a maximum group cap of 5, so it will be wiser to play it with friends as players in AR2 are choosey when choosing their teammates due to the group size limit. There are 6 islands in total and the most dangerous locations to be in are Ashland and NAS (Naval Air Station) due to the high number of stacked players, increasing the chances of you dying to them.

The spawn in AR2 is by far the most annoying thing, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not, and sometimes, you can't even find a shotgun which is one of the most common gun types. There are rare guns that in the "Rare" class and all of them are rare (except MP40) and spawns in specific locations. There are Special Forces grade guns that are well, special forces. All of them are great, and also extremely rare, in fact, I was wondering about all the crates and all of them were empty :/ . The military-grade guns are commonly found in military tents, and military zones or secret locations and usually they spawn in an M16A2 or, if you are lucky, an M249. There are also other types of containers that also spawn in shotguns, soviet weapons, secondaries and more.

There are also consumables that you can find scattered across the map, items such as medkits, food, water replenishes health, energy, and hydration to a certain amount as stated respectively. There are also two types of health boosters, at first, I thought they were useless, but after playing the game longer, I realised they increase the number of hit points (hp) you have. Regular health boosters which increase your hp by 25 are blue with a white tip while military-grade health boosters are green and increase your hp by 50.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

^ Some of the crates in Apoc, the smallest crates are ammo crates and the others are just about the same, with the black spawning in Special Forces grade Weapons while the green spawns in Military-grade weapons

Since it's PvP game, there are definitely some PvP tactics that will increase the chances of you winning a brawl. I of them that I used was to rush at the opponent, similar to how you rush B in CS:GO. In order to rush, you would take a health booster and rush at the opponent, hopefully catching them off-guard. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this tactic as it is putting yourself in danger, especially when you don't know how many players are attacking you, this resulted in me dying a lot. There are many more tactics when in combat but they are much more elaborate and complicated.

The most difficult part about AR2 for me is the distrust and panic I usually get when walking around with very good loot, a player can attack you from anywhere and can 3 tap you from 500 studs away. Most panic attacks have to occur when in combat, the fights are just so hardcore due to the fact that any wrong move, or bug, will result in you dying and losing everything you have spent time gathering. Possible symptoms include warm ears, high heart rate, ringing in ears, shaking hands, sweaty palms and etc.

These are just the brief amount of content in AR2, however, since beta is almost releasing, I recommend waiting it out for a while until the game goes free. 9/10, solid PvP game, addictive, and hardcore for the true sweats.

4.5 (2)
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