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My review on roblox!

I have had Roblox for a long time and here is my review!

Roblox is an amazing game, there are thousands of content creators on the platform making original games just for your entertainment! So you can really never run out of fun games in which you can play and if you do somehow get board you can learn how to code in there coding language or become a builder for coders! I have had Roblox since 2012 and I can personally say that it is an amazing games/game platform for anyone from the age 1 Month to even 100 Years old! Since I've been playing this game for so long you can take it from me that htis game is actually quite decent and it can be fun to play the only down side is that in basically any decent game thats been around fora while people find ways to exploit and scam people (Don't fall for those free robux or builders club stuff)
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Roblox is full of games which you can play, as you can see the most played (for almost a year now) Is called Jailbreak you go round either as a cop (Arrest the bad guys) Or go as a criminal and rob the wide range of stores while running from the cops!
The game can become frustrating at times because you almost robbed the bank and bagged yourself a few thousand bucks but then the cop comes up and just shoots his taser and boom your screwed.
As a cop you get to roll around in your fancy police car with the lights on going at full speed as you are going to find the criminals who find it fun to just ruin your damn life and to rob every store that gets in your way its like they just dont have an off switch and just rob rob rob and they also get guns so they are always shooting you and making you respawn then go find them again!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Meep city is a game on Roblox which has lots of controversy lots of people say its a copy of club penguin some how and say its too childish and will make little kids want to buy ingame items but theres the higher amount of people who loves the game and want it to stay because they love to play it
This game is like a mini-city you can fish for fish... (Duh) and then sell the fish and make money and even buy yourself a nice little pet this game is good to play with friends and to make money to buy items and it has lots of minigames you can play which is also fun!
The game isn't always fun though since you do tend to get trolls to join this game because they know that mostly there are lots of 6-8 year olds who play this certain game and they take advantage of it and decide to troll them just to get a good laugh out of it.
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Author SonnyTheBear
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