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Roblox - 9 years later

I joined Roblox on 9/15/2008, about two years after the platform's initial launch,
over 9 years, 3 months, 11 days before this review. ( Or 3389 days ago )

Roblox has been around for a decent amount of time, and in that time the roblox platform and engine have evolved drastically. With the inclusion of VR support with recent hardware advances, as well as cross-platform support between xbox, windows UWP and Android / iOS(?) versions, the platform is currently one of the most open and cross-platform-compatible platforms out there right now, right up there with Minecraft, Rocket League, and so on.

Roblox isn't a game, as you may have guessed due to my use of the term " platform ", as in essence that is what the 'game' is; a platform. Roblox is an engine with games hosted by and launched from roblox's website and servers, created by users like you or me, with or without years of experience working with the engine or its lua-based scripting.
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The kinds of games written and/or created in Roblox vary by literally any concept, although graphically the engine isn't capable of THE most beautiful graphics in the world, some users have stretched the limits of the engines as far as they could, rendering some beautiful results in game development.

The kinds of games developed in Roblox range from scenic experiences to simple minigames with poor U.I. to tycoons filled with minutes, hours of collecting and spending management to FPS concept games to literally any game conceivable. The only limits are your imagination, the limits the engine has itself and the limits the hardware you're working on may present to you. For example, those playing from a mobile device may have a harder time making any progress than, say, a PC user with decent custom hardware.
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Roblox has allowed users from all walks of life to create more distinguishably varying experiences from the same platform than any other game or platform currently released, especially considering how many platforms can run on the same servers with players interacting across their phones, computers, tablets, xbox consoles ( Perhaps on playstation as well, someday ), HTC Vive headsets, Oculus Rift headsets, Google Cardboard / Samsung Galaxy Gear VR phone cases, etcetera;

I really can't describe the fullness of the potential Roblox has, you really have to try it out for yourself.

Everyone makes a different game in the time that they spend working with Roblox to make the kinds of games they want to see made, from explorative stories with on-screen text narratives to kitten-launching goodness.

What might you make?
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Author pengawin98
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