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Roblox: Why is it so good!?

ROBLOX, the new hot game for players that was created in 2006, has recently sprung up in 2015 for its interactive play style, requiring its players to make the games. What a smart concept! Many players would comment on ROBLOX being a Minecraft copy, though it was created first. ROBLOX has almost become a meme for the teenagers of the generation due to how popular it has become, and the similarities to Minecraft. ROBLOX is a great game for finding friends and even taking on some responsibilities via the many groups ROBLOX has to offer, such as cafe groups, fashion groups, and fan groups. Going with that, the top games are often very addictive and easily replayable. There are many separate genres for ROBLOX such as FPS; with Phantom Forces. Role play; with MeepCity. Tycoon; with Lumber Tycoon 2. And many, many more. In my opinion, this game is a 9.3/10 for its many games, but that become repetitive if they are not improved apon.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Jailbreak, among its many other games, are a great source of entertainment for many young users. The players get to choose either to be a prisoner or a cop, and can rob banks, or stop the robberies. This game is massively addictive and has been the most played game for 6 months! This game is often associated with a previous popular game of the same nature; Prision Life. Prision Life was a game in which you would again choose a cop or criminal and attempt to get out of jail. The reason why Jailbreak had become so much better was that now there were more thing to do when you got out of jail, such as a rob jewelry stores, banks, create an apartment, or fly around in helicopters. Though Prision Life is still on the popular page, it will never reach back to its previous status that Jailbreak had taken.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Another popular game on ROBLOX is Pokemon Brick Bronze. This game showcases how much work developers put into their games on ROBLOX. Originally a paid access game for 15 ROBUX (the games currency), it is now free, causing it to have an average of 11K members on it at all times. This game is a spin-off of the famous Pokemon franchise by Nintendo, showing the creativity the creators have. It is currently at the 7th gym, and is still being worked on! And these are not the only games on ROBLOX, there are also many games such as "Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby", where players would role play as a parent of a baby and play family; like we all used to when we were younger. Another example of a popular ROBLOX game is Phantom Forces, in which it won the ROBLOXian Game of the Year award in 2016 for its FPS styled gameplay; like COD. There are still many more games on ROBLOX, and I suggest you check them out.
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Author cryptekan
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