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Rocket League (B2P)
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How to get Better at Rocket Leauge

Are you struggling to get goals on rocket league? Or just can't hit the ball in general? Well, this guide should help clear up some issues you might be having or how you can improve yourself when playing the game!

In this guide, you might find it useful to have rocket league open whilst you read, so you can practice as you are playing.

To start with, you might be getting Ping / Lag issues with your game. There are a few solutions to this, but here are some you should definitely consider as these are the main reasons for Lag and Ping issues with Rocket League.

- Check your game settings;

- Game settings can be deceiving. although it might say your running on 'low' quality settings, you might still be running it really high. I recommend putting your settings to the lowest, saving your game, and restarting your PC to get the maximum potential from your game.

- Is your internet broken?

- Check to see if it's your internet, open a new tab on google and see what's going on with it, if its slow, then your game is also being affected by this problem.

Now let's get onto some skill improvement methods.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So you want to be a better player? Well as you may know, there are 2 roles you can really play in Rocket Leauge.
One of them being a Goal Keeper so we will look on this first,

-- Goal keeper --

So to be a good goalie in Rocket League, you first need to learn how to Rocket Jump and boost your way to the ball. If you can't do this, read on below first to find out info about it.

As a goalie, you are gonna be blamed for goals then went soaring over your head. Well... It's true!, You cant save everything, but you can give it your best shot right? To be a good goalie, I would recommend watching real football. And yes, I know it sounds stupid, but depending where your from, Football / Soccer shows you where Goalkeepers postition themselves, They stand in the corner relevant to where the ball is, so don't be at the left side of the goal if the ball is on the right is what Im trying to say. Ball's on the floor are easy to reach, you just go at them with your boost and smack them into oblivion.

But it's the one's that are high and come in fast that trip people up. There is a way to play against this. One of the ways to divert this is the need for boost. You get that boost, and jump , aim up to where the ball is and just go. No hessitation, atleast your doing somthing rather than nothing.

-- Outfiled Player --

So you're an Outfield player? Or are you here just because you want to hit the high balls? Well... easy enough.. just read below.

All you need is boost... and maybe a controller. If you have both of these then you should be good!

Boost and aim is the primary aspect of the game, it dosent' matter if you can or can't score goals. IF You can aim, you can win just by letting the ball do its thing.
There are youtube video's showing you how to hit certain shots and this can be very beneficial to you as a player.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I know this guide is a little shorter than most, but It's because you can't really teach someone how to boost properly. There are videos' explaining whilst showing you how to boost. In simple terms, if you can learn how long boost lasts, how far you go, and what not, then you should be good. And without having to worry about better/stronger players on your part.

If anything needs to be explained further, Just leave a comment below, and I will try my best to get back to you on it, and hopefully we can get something resolved. As I said earlier, there are videos explaining how and what to do with boost, which is your best friend in the game. If you learn that, you can easily master the game.

Going on from controller speak, A controller is way WAY... easier to use over a keyboard and mouse, just because all the buttons are layed out for you, and you dont have to run the risk of mis-clicking when your shoot / boost yourself upwards!
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