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Rocket League (B2P)
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Rocket League - Worth it?

Rocket League is a game that joins two very different game models from each other, joins the sports games mode and the action of the car games.

Actually, at first, I thought that spending money on this game was very bad idea, but after talking to some friends I decided to give it a try and buy this game on Steam.

And the truth is that I do not regret this, Rocket League is one of the funniest games I could play, Rocket League has a very good quality graphics and only weighs about 6 GB, to play Rocket League is not necessary A computer of great power that is one of the aspects that caught my attention.

I'm not much of a fan of sports games such as FIFA or NFL and Need For Speed-style car games do not attract much attention either, that's why in the past I've never been interested in playing Rocket League
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
But all the doubts I had about Rocket League disappeared the moment I played this game. Rocket League is really entertaining and the different game modes are really enjoyed.

Another aspect that I liked about this game is that if I connect my control of PlayStation 4 to my computer I can use it in Rocket League. Since this game is compatible with this type of controls.

Rocket League has different positive aspects but also has negative aspects. Something unique that we can mention is that in Rocket League, unlike other sports games in which we control a complete team, here we will have to handle is only a car and be part of a team.

The different modes of play offered by Rocket League make each game very entertaining and different from the other, we have the option to buy cars that are replicas of famous cars of movies and series like the Batmobile or the car from back to the Future.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
But with Rocket League not everything is positive, now let's talk about the negative aspects of this game since there are some that are very important.

The main problem of Rocket League is that the only way we can play is if we buy this game for any of its available platforms, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

That makes many people who cannot buy this game can never play it unless they buy the game. This makes the number of people available to play much smaller.

Another negative aspect is that as Rocket League unites different platforms to play, Matches that join PlayStation 4 players with people who are playing on a computer do not have a stable connection while playing. This affects the quality of the game

Despite that Rocket League is a game that is really worth playing with either friends or alone. Rocket League is great fun and if you have the opportunity to buy this game I really recommend you do it
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Author sarada1122
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