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Team Fortress 2
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7 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Playing Team Fortress 2 - An Awesome Review By BattleMoose

So, it's 2017 a new year is upon us and with that comes new exciting, yet expensive, games to enjoy. But there's one game still out there that won't go down without a fight, one that's now a decade old. Here I'll tell you all why you should play it and why people still play it.

OK- it's pay to win in some cases due to all the crates that you can buy, but what free-to-play game isn't? Team Fortress 2 offers players a great and diverse range of play styles- sit at the back and snipe as sniper, run and gun with scout or sneak behind enemy lines and stab 'em in the back as spy. Overall, Team Fortress 2 offers 9 characters to choose from, each having their own special 'abilities' and weaponry to choose from, what's not to love!
The fact that it can last so long as a free to play game is fantastic and truly shows what a great and fun game it is.
Another reason why Team Fortress 2 is a unique free to play steam shooter is that it is not entirely pay to win. As someone who is not the richest of people, I don’t like to pour money into free to play games unlike some people. However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun on this game. Everything counters everything, someone who just started the game can go on how ever big a kill streak he can go on with just the starting weapons. The reason behind this is because unlike most free to play shooters, Team Fortress 2 gives you good weapons to vaporise, mutilate or explode your opponents into oblivion.

2) HATS!
Team Fortress 2's player base is famously obsessed with hats, you know those things that go on your head, and there are no reasons not to be. Team Fortress 2 has millions of character customisation possibilities, no two will look the same. There are thousands of different hats, guns and cosmetics to be both purchased on the vast market or unlocked in-game as a reward to ones 'skill'.

Team Fortress 2 also has an absolutely huge market for consumables, hats and character customisations; they’re all just one click away. The market is easy to use and can create tons of cool character customisation options and opportunities- there’s probably enough clothes on there to run a full-scale fashion show for ten years and not see the same outfit twice.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Team Fortress 2 was first released in October 2007 and 10 years later it's Valve's most popular game and it's still going strong, they must be doing something right.
Over the last decade, Team Fortress 2 has undergone massive changes from new classes to play and new weapons to kill with to complete texture overhauls for better performance and look.
Valve also continue to improve and add to Team Fortress 2’s game mechanics, maps and market which suggest that they believe that this game may be around for years to come, getting better with each surprising new update.

Team Fortress 2’s community are extremely kind and helpful. They trade for nothing just to help new people get that crucial upper hand on the enemy, supply tips for beginners and veterans and share their funny or epic moments. They’re some one of the most helpful and fun communities to be a part of and will help both veterans and new players.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The steam workshop allows players to download maps to play with their friends or test new maps and vote on new possible map updates. The downloadable, player made, maps can be extremely fun to play – ranging from team death match style maps to Garry’s Mod death run style maps. They’re all great fun to play.

After all this, I now come to the part where I give my opinion- I Love It!
Team Fortress 2 is one of my favourite free-to-play games, it's character customisation and having 9 different play styles and characters to choose from is amazing. The fact that it's still striving strong a decade later proves this, and I have to doubt that it'll continue to be a fan-favourite for years to come.
The main reason why I love this game so much is probably because of the various weapons that one can choose from to obliterate, vaporise and humiliate opponents. It’s just great to chase down a scared medic with a large mouth bass or a frying pan only for him to take his candy can out and then a long, perilous fish vs confectionary battle ensues.
So take what you want from this review, I hope it helped you to get a better grasp on why you should still play the legendary game that is Team Fortress 2.
- BattleMoose
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